Entitled People: How to Deal with Them

Entitled People: How to Deal with Them

Entitled People: How to Deal with Them

At some point in our lives, we’ve somehow come across entitled people. These are folks who think the world owes them for merely existing. They do something wrong, refuse to accept their faults, blame someone else for their mistakes and then make others pay for it. You know these people as – guess… Karens! You guessed right.

Now let me spill the tea. I was on my own minding my business when I stumbled on this reaction video. The video was about a lady who was looking for advice because she was in a confused state and was wondering if she was an a**hole for doing what she did.

The lady in question got engaged and decided to pick a venue for her wedding. According to her, the venue had been booked over the course of 3 years and she wanted the place so badly that she decided to wait that long to get a spot.

Three years have gone by and it’s just a few weeks to the wedding, her younger sister who is also engaged gets pregnant. The family decides that they move the younger sister’s wedding up considering she was already with child ( cause the set date was supposed to be after her older sister’s).

That sounds reasonable, right? But then the little sis says to her big sis in the presence of everyone (family) that she wants her date and her venue because she can’t plan a wedding while attending maternity classes! To worsen it she says something like, “I mean it’s not too much to do for your baby sis“. Whaaaaaat!!! The audacity!

The big sis is shocked and says she’s not sure she wants to do that– which is fair considering she’s waited 3 years. Little sis bursts into tears and stomps out while her mum blurts out, “Your sister has never asked you for anything. You’ve waited 3 years for this venue, would it kill you to wait another few months?” Her dad supports her mum by telling her it doesn’t matter where she marries but who she marries.

My question is simple: “Why are they attacking the wrong person? How is it her fault that her younger sister chose to get pregnant before marriage? Oh, it gets worse!

The family threatened to boycott her wedding if she denied her baby sis the venue. Sis said no and truly the family didn’t attend. Talk about entitlement, a spoilt brat, and a biased family. I did a little research and found out that this happened sometime in 2019. You can read the story here.

Still, on the issue of entitled humans, I know of a lady who invited her older brother to stay with her because things were bad for him. This was a man who threw her out of his house on some occasions because of a minor misunderstanding. Their parents died when she was young so he was sort of like the father figure but acted more like a master than a father.

As a young girl, she had to hop from a friend’s house to another to survive. At one point, she even had to go to the Church to sleep. This was in the ’70s or ’80s when Churches had sheltered the homeless.

Anyway, luck smiled on her after many years and she decided to reach out to the one who had treated her like a slave only for him to come into her life and try to lord it over her. The insult! The shamelessness! On top of all that, he lies to everyone else about how she maltreats him and deprives him of things simply because she says no when he tries to use or manipulate her into doing his bidding.

Mind you, this is someone who has refused to work or do anything and yet commands everyone because he feels his siblings owe him. In his words, “I brought you up”, therefore they owe him for merely existing. While others obey and support him (because of the senseless tradition that the elders are always right and cannot or should not be corrected), this lady isn’t afraid or ashamed to say no to him.

He detests her so much for that and she’s fine with telling him the truth regardless and putting him in his place. His lies and screams do not and cannot change anything. Unfortunately, she can’t throw him out because it seems he has nowhere to go but she stands her ground and what she says is final.

That’s exactly how you treat entitled people. They are textbook narcissists and will use others until they are sore. Just like parasites, they suck you dry till they die. You cannot survive being a people pleaser except your aim in life is to be miserable. Saying no is healthy especially when it concerns toxic people.

The world does not revolve around them and it will certainly go on without them. They cannot always get what they want. Life does not work that way. It is your duty to let them know that instead of enabling them.

Get comfortable telling them the truth. The truth does not know age, gender, or race. It is simply universal and cannot change. Say no when you have to. It is not a crime. Preserve your mental health. Preserve your peace of mind and never feel bad for putting entitled people in their place. Periodt!

Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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Entitled People How to Deal with Them(1)
Entitled People: How to Deal with Them
Entitled People :How to Deal with Them
Entitled People: How to Deal with Them

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Star Harford

Great post with some useful information. Its always frustrating having to deal with entitled people!


I’ve been struggling with this for a while now. I appreciate your tips, I’ll try them out!

Nishtha Pant

This is truly sad. Thank you for sharing these 2 stories and so many untold I am sure. People do need to put their foot down and make the right decisions

Jen @ Jenron Designs

It always amazes me how some people will just railroad and derail others constantly, even their own family members without a second thought. They just take, and take and… push and push while never seeing the consequences of their actions. I have found myself in very similar situations my entire life as the baby sister. A quick example: while I was undergoing very private fertility treatments in my 30’s I was told I needed to donated blood for my older sister’s tummy tuck (blood donation bank), because she not be donating her own and she felt my brothers was not clean enough to accept, lol. When I said no, I could not because I was currently anemic and undergoing my own treatments I was told I was selfish and demonized. As a side note we do not have children, which in hindsight is probably a good thing, why expose them to this kind of family drama?


So important! As a child of a narcissist, I can tell you how important it is to learn to set healthy boundaries for yourself and to avoid those kinds of personalities.


It’s sad when people assume they are more important than others or thier needs take first place compared to other people’s needs. Self entitlement borders on selfishness.

Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

I hate people feel so entitled. I hate how they expect things to be handed out to them, as they please like the world is theirs for the taking. So annoying.


Thanks for sharing these stories. We need to do what we feel is right in accord with our values – let the heavy shadow we carry for others go


I know its difficult to deal with entitled people. Your tips are really helpful.

Yemi King

SMH some people think they have the nerve. Wow. That first story though, I mean who says what the mom said about waiting more time. Without going back to read their story, it seems like the sister always seemed to get the short straw in this family.

Jennifer Villanueva

Unfortunately, I think there is at least one in every family. I have dealt with too many of such, and I sometimes think in a way I am also guilty of being entitled, though I always try my best not to be.


I fail to understand why do some people feel they are entitled and take other for the ride. I prefer to stay away from any such individuals. Although sometimes it is hard to identify

Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams

This is such a good post, so much useful information. I really appreciate you taking time to write this a very interesting read x


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