Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society

Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society

Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society

There’s someone somewhere at this moment going through domestic abuse. In a world where social media creates an illusion of perfection, it is almost impossible to detect any form of domestic violence. Why? Because there are beautiful smiles, lovely poses and loads of couple goals. The things we don’t see are the scars, the tears and the never ending sadness. Who is to blame for this?

Once upon a time, it was a taboo to speak up when abused. In recent times, there’s no excuse for remaining in a toxic relationship. One would think that the more aware people are of this, the more obselete it should be. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Now, it affects not only women and chiildren but also the men– the society as a whole.

For the longest time, society has given women and children voices but has silenced those of the men. It seems like the man is always in the wrong– therefore is above abuse. A look into Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s relationship clearly shows how marginalized the male gender has been. It took hard evidence for Johnny Depp to prove he was actually the victim.

What we see here is a woman who had a voice, knowing society would support and believe her over a man. She used that as a weapon and it worked perfectly for a while till the truth came out. Then there’s Will and Jada — we all know that story so I’m not going to say much on that. Not withstanding, the fact still remains that as far as domestic violence is concerned, no one is left out– anyone can be affected.

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The family is usually the starting point. What happens in a home largely affects the society. When a child grows up in such a toxic environment, such a child exhibits one of three emotions: fear, rage or change. Therefore, whatever is engrained in this child’s mind is what will be manifested. This is why it is important to speak up and take action while you can.

Sadly, many people stay in such relationships because they do not want to be seen as failures– but at what expense? Isn’t life and peace of mind far more important than what society thinks of you?

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A few hours ago, I read a newstory about a singer who endured several years of domestic abuse until she died today. She left behind four kids and a murderer of a husband. It’s sad because she stayed too long thinking of what others would think of her despite the fact that her life was in danger. It made the news because she was popular. How many million stories have gone untold?

This is why choosing a spouse goes beyond emotions. It’s something that requires spiritual, physical, mental assessments. You need sincerity and God to be able make right decisions. Think about what you want and where you stand. You need to be prepared and discerning because out there are many broken people who can’t be fixed. The moment you let them in, you’ll be broken as well.

So before you say I do, please do the world a favour. Know your God. Heal from your trauma. Think of your kids and how they’ll be affected. Run for your life if you have to. Pray for your abusers from a distance. Be the change you’d like to see.

It’s time to break the vicious cycle. Let it begin with you.

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domestic violence and its impact on society

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Healing is very critical. Easy to say but hard to process especially if its a personal exp. but yeah, praying for all of the people who are experiencing such practices


Domestic violence is still so banalized. It often leads to serious consequences. I strongly support the right education from an early age and more severe legislation.


Nice piece, I agree with you


Yes, abuse in all its form shouldn’t be tolerated. Forgiveness and healing the trauma is also essential for everyone to move forward.


The sad thing about domestic violence in recent times is that a lot of cases end in the death of the victim. It makes one ponder if psychiatric test should be compulsory before marriage.


it is such an important post to me! thank you for spreading the awareness and talking openly about it


This is such an important topic to write about. Domestic violence helpline and awareness are critical in spreading information to prevent these abuses


This is really a sad reality. How I wish we can all save everyone in an abusive relationship. Thank you for speaking about it. 


Domestic violence in conjunction with the lockdowns from the pandemic…it’s a recipe for disaster. Breaks my heart!

Loril Bosworth

Many people stay in abusive relationships because they don’t think there is a better relationship out there for them. Once they become stronger, they realize that they deserve better!


I shared a story back a few years ago -Storms and Rainbows- a mother tells her story about having to leave a violent situation for her daughters. It was a difficult decision because at first she thought the right thing was to stay … then she realised. Thx for continuing this important conversation and addressing men too


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