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Dear Single Adults

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Dear Single Adults,

I want you to know that it’s not a crime to be single. I understand the pressure that comes with being an adult. There are too many things to figure out and sometimes, we just lose it. Hey, it’s okay. Let’s take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

I also know about the struggles of “single hood” and how families and friends give you the side eye like a reminder that it’s time to settle down. I understand if you’re not ready, I understand your fears. Marriages these days are not encouraging because most times people rush into it and leave at the slightest provocation. Besides, there’s so much you’re still trying to sort out— take your time. Work at your pace.

Settle down when you are ready. Settle down when you’ve found the one. Do not settle down out of desperation or pressure. This has never helped anyone. Don’t envy your married friends because you may not know what they are going through.

There are so many marriages that are crumbled inside and yet on the outside, they patch it up to look like perfection— that shouldn’t be your case.

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Marriage is not a do or die affair, neither is it something you should rush into. There are many married people that would love to be like you. So while you’re here, at this moment of singleness, enjoy every bit of it.

Work on yourself, become a better person. Pray. Double your hustle. Reach for greatness. Do the things you love while you have the chance because after marriage, you become answerable to you spouse.

Dear Single Adults, be patient till you find the one— till your heart confirms that one person. Anyone who pressurizes you into marriage will not be there when things go wrong. But when you make your choice at your own time, you are accountable for the decisions you have made.

As they say, it is better to wait long than marry wrong. Don’t marry because your friends are getting married or because you are pressured to. Marry because your heart tells you it is time to settle down with the one.


Viano Dee

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