Cryptic Pregnancy: A Brief Glance

Cryptic Pregnancy: A Brief Glance

Cryptic Pregnancy: A Brief Glance.

Normal Pregnancy

We have always been told that a woman can know when she conceives because one of the major signs is a missed period. For the next months after, she isn’t supposed to see aunt Flo. She may experience spotting a few times which is normal unless there is cause for concern. With time, she’ll get bigger in size and her baby bump will start to protrude. It would be obvious that a baby is on the way.

That was all we knew. That was all we thought we needed to know until some set of babies decided it was time to play hide and seek in their mothers’ womb and go undetected for either a few months or even until delivery when they come out with the “got you mummy” look. They be like:“ You didn’t find me but I’m here now, surprise!” Lol.

The surprise entrance: “Look mummy! I’m here

Does this sound familiar? Probably not.

Peharps, you’ve heard stories about women who say they didn’t know they were pregnant till they delivered. You might have been wondering how insensitive these women must have been to their bodies — to the extent they were unaware that another life was existing in them. “How careless?”, you retort. But the truth is that they weren’t careless; they simply experienced what is called Cryptic Pregnancy.

A Cryptic Pregnancy or Stealth Pregnancy as it is otherwise called, is a pregnancy that goes undetected by conventional medical testing methods such as PT Strips (Pregnancy Test Strips), scans and blood tests.

In such pregnancies, some women may experience some normal pregnancy symptoms such as swollen/tender breasts, nausea, dizziness and so on. The problem is that since the babies go undetected, such mothers tend to disassociate the symptoms from pregnancy.

The reverse is the case for others. There are practically no symptoms at all. They experience their regular monthly flow, they add no weight, no baby bump, no nausea, no nothing — absolutely nothing until the day of delivery.

Usually, normal pregnancy takes anywhere from a month to five weeks to detect but in this “not-so-common”  condition, women may discover that they are pregnant as late as eight months or even when they are in labour.

As a result, there is a tendency for people to treat such stories as a hoax since it sounds very unrealistic. Luckily, MTV’s “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant ” gives more insight to this as several women recount tales of being unaware of their pregnancies. Surprisingly, a vast number of them give birth to very healthy babies. (I personally haven’t heard of any woman in this condition who suffered complications or gave birth to unhealthy babies but there might be).

Even though cryptic pregnancies are not very common, there’s need for awareness so that no one is being judged wrongly and the general public can be enlightened. It could happen anytime to any woman (even while on contraceptives of any kind). It’s amazing to know that a woman somewhere — at this very moment is with child and yet, is completely unaware.

Scary, right? Drop your comments.

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Cryptic Pregnancy: A Brief Glance


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