Conqueror: Spoken Word

Conqueror: Spoken Word

Conqueror: Spoken Word.

Conqueror: Viano Dee

There are days when my soul is weary;
days when I feel let down, broken and defeated. It’s like

defeat brings me to my knees,
it whispers to me— telling me to
give up, to stop holding on— to let

go. I can feel myself being consumed
by depression, allowing those whispers
to feast on my strength. Vilified by

pain, I feel like I’m going insane. Sorrow makes mockery of my weakness. My heart pounds profusely as life hits cruelly.

My eyes explode with blasts of teardrops, they are swollen from the waterfalls that burst through them. I groan,

I choke, I almost give up. But then, I remember: I am not one to concede to defeat. I have

the power to rise up and stand on my feet—
the power to defeat defeat. I cannot let it consume me. Though life hits

me hard, it cannot give me more than I can bear. Whatever pain I’m passing through is only momentarily,

a training ground. I will learn from pains;
from my struggles. I will face my fears,
I will summon my strength and trample

on my weakness. I will fight like a warrior and conquer because that’s what I am —
I am a


Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: 06 I Refuse by Fearless Motivation

About the spoken word: Conqueror

Conqueror is a spoken word poetry that talks about how one can choose to conquer when life gets tough simply by changing one’s mindset. Conquering is a choice. We all have the fighter in us — the fighter never dies until we allow it to.

So anytime you feel like giving up, remember that you’re in that moment for a reason. You should not allow it to break you and if does, pick up the pieces and move on. Defeat should not have the last laugh— you should and you can. You are a Conqueror.

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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THe whole point of defeat is not to  give up. This world we live in will throw many hardships at you but the way you maneuver through these hardships is what shows your character and strength.  

Reply to  NAthan

Exactly, Nathan.


I love this poem, every word is so true, we can get over anything and not let it defeat us and come out the other side stronger than before.

Reply to  StressedMum

Awwwn.. Thank you so much. Glad you found it inspiring StressedMum. 

Alek ZD

Very, very powerful words. I absolutely identify with the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness as a gateway to recovery. 

Reply to  Alek ZD

Thanks so much Alek. 

Azlin Bloor

Those are some beautiful and very powerful words. Just what I needed, having lost my husband a few weeks ago, with 4 kids to look after.

Reply to  Azlin Bloor

OMG! Must be tough. I’m so sorry. But listen, you are strong and though it may seem overwhelming, you’ll overcome because you’re a Conqueror. Remember that. Always remember that. Much love, Azlin.

Lauren Jones

I loved this!!! This was awesome!!! So encouraging!! 

Reply to  Lauren Jones

Awwn…thank you Lauren.

Fashion and Style Police

I love the message here. I am a conqueror and an overcomer. I choose to conquer my issues. 


Yaas! That’s the spirit.

Komal Patel

Beautifully written. This is such a complex  issue. Being the conquerer of your destiny means a lot 

Reply to  Komal Patel

Exactly Koma. Thanks so much.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

I can relate to this beautiful piece of writing. It depends on how we react to difficult situations. I believe we all have a conqueror within us. It is okay to cry and give in to our emotions, and then pick ourselves up, heal, and continue with life.


That’s very true, Kristine. We can refuse to be defeated. 

Brittany Nicole

This was such a good poem, loved it!

Maysz Adrias

I’m a huge fan of poetry and this beautiful written keep it up!!!

Reply to  Maysz Adrias

Good to know Maysz. Thanks for checking it out.


Everytime I hear any spoken word.. emotions really rush in. What a nice talent you have there. Few people can really pull them off though.

Reply to  Michael

Thanks for the kind words, Michael.

Subhashish Roy

Such nicely written words. Lovely poem. It’s about getting up and taking control of our life.

Reply to  Subhashish Roy

Exactly Roy. Thank you so much.


Beautifully written! I enjoyed the audio clip too.

Reply to  Shar

Thanks a lot, Shar.

Michele Dennis

Wow, such a beautiful poem. Very well written and personally relatable to me.

Reply to  Michele Dennis

Awwwn.. Michele, thanks a lot. Glad you could relate.

Lala Kerry

I read this at the perfect moment! I can relate to those struggles. I’m trying to cope with my weak emotions and conquer my fear so that I will not have any limit to new things. Sometimes my knees are shaking, but I will overcome them! I do feel like giving up and tears always running down my cheeks, but I will not surrender myself to the whisper of regrets. I really love how you wrote them with full of meaning and impacted on me. 

Reply to  Lala Kerry

Yaaaas! Lala, I’m so glad you found it inspiring. 😀

Paula Stewart

Thank you for your inspiring words. We often get caught up in the moment and forget that we are there for a reason.

Reply to  Paula Stewart

Thank you too, Paula.

Razena Schroeder

Beautiful! This is required reading for anyone who is feeling defeated and as if the weight of the world is upon their shoulders. 


Thank you. Truly appreciate Razena.


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Whitney Kutch

This is beautifully written!  I love the term “conquerer” and how you used it.  You’re very talented!

Reply to  Whitney Kutch

Thanks so much, Whitney.

Liz Bayardelle

So beautiful and what an empowering message. This is definitely one to save and read on bad days. 

Reply to  Liz Bayardelle

Thanks so much, Liz.


I wish you could get this played on air. Nigerian youths need to hear this, especially with the suicide rate being so high. People need to know they should never give up. 


[…]   The you that you know now will not be the you that you’d become in the future. The you in the future will be smarter and wiser.     The you in the future will look back at this moment and be grateful for life, for every pain that moulded you to become the new you.     The point is this: whatever you are going through now is only preparing you for the future. Your experience may be the reason why someone else would be encouraged.     So, instead of listening to the loud voice that is telling you to kill yourself, why not mute it? Listen to the fighter in you that wants to conquer — that wants to overcome. Speak up. Brace yourself. Hold on. Face those fears. Learn those lessons. Move on. Keep moving. Don’t stop. One day, you’ll look back and understand why.   Read also: Conqueror […]

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