Complete: Spoken Word Poetry

Complete: Spoken Word Poetry

Complete: Spoken Word Poetry

Complete || Viano Dee

Written and Performed by Viano Dee

I went through a phase:
one with iron and flames.

For every time I was thrown into the flames,
I came out darkened with colours of red.

For every time I was flung into the flames,
every burn exposed a layer of my skin.

For every time I was cast into the flames,
I felt my weaknesses running towards the surface
like impurities, they slowly but surely burned out.

And when I was out of the furnace, 
I was hit severely, constantly, causing me to break-

free from the things I was once conformed to,
allowing me to adapt to something new.

I went through a phase when we left us.

I sunk into the flames and every time I did,

I found myself beneath the hammer’s clang —

multiple times.

But before I knew it, I had turned into something new

and became complete

without you.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: You’re not wrong by Roljui

About Complete: Spoken Word Poetry

This poem came from a personal place.

A few hours ago, I was thinking about how I actually recovered from heartbreak. If anyone had told me last year that I would get out of this, I would never have believed them. And as I was pondering on just how far I have come, the words of this poem came to life.

Complete is seen from the perspective of a Blacksmith. I was the iron that was cast into the flames. The ‘colours of red’ represent my pain, frustration, and anger.

This period made me realize how weak and vulnerable I was. I kept thinking I couldn’t move on without him. Each time, I went through the process of healing, I would cry and have sleepless nights but gradually, I began to accept the change.

Not long after, I decided to turn my pain into a beautiful work of art. What I did was to invest in myself. I not only adapted to the new ( the fact that what we were had now become mere memories), I discovered a new version of me. I erupted like a beautiful firework and I became complete.

To anyone currently going through this phase, I want you to know that you’ll be fine eventually. It’s a process. Endure the process and become a better version of yourself. You’ll be amazed you did.

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Complete: Spoken Word Poetry
Complete by Viano Dee
Complete: Spoken Word Poetry

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Emily Terrell

This definitely hits home. And hard. But I like the positive outcome that you show. Though we burn, though we break, we come back strong. We come back more complete than ever.

Reply to  Emily Terrell

That’s true, Emily. Thanks for reading.

Reply to  Viano Dee

Thank you so much, Ana.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Beautiful. I just love the way you use words to express deep emotions. The message you conveyed in this piece hit me straight in the heart. I can relate it to a past relationship. Too much pain, too much hardship, but after the relationship ended, I found out that I am not a “worthless” person. I regained my confidence and self worth after I’ve been “through hell and back.”

World in Eyes

moving on from a heartbreak is the definitely most difficult thing but as it is said that time has to pass and time heals everything..indeed you have explained and shared your journey in a very beautiful way…great poetry though…


Beautiful poetry. Your words speak your emotions and pain. I am glad you eventually turned all the pain into work of beautiful art.


These lines written by you gives me hope that I can come out of it too, I can do it too!

Kuntala Bhattacharya

Nicely written so soulful. Well I am not going through heartbreak, but the sadness of being confined inside home. That sometimes affect me but I am trying to recover. Lovely poem and lovely words.


That was magical. Had a great time reading this. Thanks for sharing.


Woohooooo!!!! *applause* I really enjoyed that. I liked reading along and listening to your voice. Furthermore, I liked the story and emotion behind your words. Keep it up!


This is really brilliant. I love it so much! I also love the way you used your point of view. Thank you so much for sharing this!


I love how you write it. I can see the expertise in poetry. Post more of this! I enjoyed reading it.


Amazing writting. You have an unque way with words. Beautiful poem.

Melanie williams

I love to read poetry like this, thank you for sharing such an amazing poem. Please do write some more for us x

Di MadWriter

I really liked the way you have played with words and shared this amazing poem!!

Di Hickman

The expression that everything happens for a purpose is so apt during times of heartbreak. We feel so many emotions, but like a phoenix we rise from the ashes!

Autumn Murray

I love that you are turning your heartbreak into poetry and encouraging others that it will eventually get better. A much needed positive message to send.

Ivan Majhen

Such a beautiful song. Loved reading it. Heartbreaking songs are always the best songs. Thank you for sharing your feelings. You should be proud


I love this! I enjoyed reading this a lot because I felt the emotions underlying it

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