Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

Choose Love || Viano Dee

Let’s take a moment of silence
Cause the noise we hear from violence
Quite frankly, is crippling and deafening.

Let’s talk about the sirens
That wage war against our very existence, 
our human rights, our own space

like the titans,
who invade this space
for material gains and fame—
selling and instigating hate
with the aim of satisfying the Grave,
who is never really…

Yet, the land is terribly bloated— 
constipated cause apparently, 
it’s been consuming the wrong food: 
innocent souls, both young and old.

Now tell me, if this isn’t insanity; pure madness, 
that souls are being traded for mere gold
and blood is being shed for shallow goals—
what a lost hope!

If man can act so despicably towards his own kind: 
one made of flesh and blood, one with a soul like his,
what other word can be used to describe vile: evil!

The rate at which evil transcends, it nimbles
so sharp, it pierces the heart with several thorns
and needles. If hate is all we were born to give,
then we are worthless, but we aren’t cause it isn’t.

We were made for more, we were
made to love, we were built
for each other cause no man is an Island.

And if we were on an Iceland,
we would band together to emit body heat,
do you get where I’m going with this?

For if one can chase a thousand, and
two: ten thousand, imagine how many would be
chased if we would unite in hundreds of thousands…

But so long as greed
increasingly dwells
in our midst, love and unity
will know no bliss except
in the hearts where they reside.
For there they find peace.

So if hate is all you have to give,
I have love, I have peace
I have Christ, I have bliss
and I’m well aware
that hate isn’t mine to give because
hate never defeats hate: it only
instigates wars and more wars
and more and more wars–

what’s worse: is that this hate will consume you too.
And when it does, you’ll be at loss. But it’ll be
too late then to realize just how worthless it was,
it is and will always be. So,

let those who choose hate, choose hate
and let those who choose love, choose
love and let us always remember
that when we are hit with hate,
love is our everlasting weapon: for it
conquers all things.

Even if we die in the process,
we’ll be at peace with ourselves.
So, choose love

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Music composer: Astron

About “Choose Love”

Choose Love is a spoken word poetry that talks about what happens between the masses and those in power. The ones in power many times, instigate hate for their own selfish reasons. They don’t care how many souls are wasted provided they get what they want. That’s one perspective.

On the other hand, hate isn’t limited to those in power, it also affects those who are being used to carry out evil. What does one gain when he acts so despicably to his own kind? Joy? Peace of mind? Obviously not!

Unfortunately, the victim may also exhibit some traits of hatred in the process. The poem seeks to point the attention of the reader/listener to the fact that hate never defeats hate but love does. Therefore, in order to win, we must choose love.

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Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)
Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)
Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)
Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

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Viano Dee

Viano Dee is a non-niche blogger, poet, songwriter, and a hardcore romantic who believes that life is something that we all should be positive about. She writes about life generally with the hope that positive change will occur in the life of her readers -- even if it's just in one person. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Stephanie Parrell
11 months ago

Poetry can be so soothing not only to the poet but also to the listener. Spoken word poetry is a great outlet.

11 months ago

Wow! Land is bloated. Could not have thought of this way of expressing. And no man is an island. Thanks for sharing😊

11 months ago

Really deep and profound. Very timely. I can see how it applies to our world today.

Jen @ Jenron Designs
11 months ago

I always love to read your poetry and listen to it as well, you have so much talent friend.

11 months ago

Poetry can be so descriptive and also really enjoyable to read. This is really well written.

11 months ago

This was written so beautifully! My dream is to write a complete and meaningful spoken word poetry. Thanks for the inspiration!

11 months ago

What a great piece of poetry. Love takes a lot of internal work and demands a selfless, forgiving and generous attitude towards others. Love is not a feeling it is an action verb.

Melanie williams
11 months ago

LOVE this poem! I like the line “And if we were on an Iceland,
we would band together to emit body heat” such a good one and a great reference top Icelandic culture x

11 months ago

great piece of poetry, very touching and nicely written. I enjoyed it a lot

11 months ago

Such a beautiful message. I agree with you that yes, we are made for more and we are made to love. Thank you for inspiring us to choose love. 

Di Hickman
11 months ago

Wow you really moved me with this one! Especially the line “souls are being traded for mere gold and blood is being shed for shallow goals”. Speaking such truth!

Jenjen Balatico
Jenjen Balatico
11 months ago

This is an awesome piece! Listened to this many times

11 months ago

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Jenjen Balatico
Jenjen Balatico
10 months ago

These lines hit me hard:

Even if we die in the process,
we’ll be at peace with ourselves.
So, choose love

10 months ago

Such beautifully expressed thought through this poetry. The one in power always choose to instigate other to stay in power.

10 months ago

Such a beautiful poetry. I loved reading it. It is really written so well and it’s so deep

9 months ago

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Jennifer Villanueva
9 months ago

This is so inspiring! Makes me really wanna go back to poetry writing… keep sharing them!

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