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It’s A Tough Job Being God: Spoken Word

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225 total views, 2 views today It’s A Tough Job Being God. Download audio here: I have often wondered What it feels like to be God. Does it entail one watching the world on a screen while sipping on a cup of coffee? Does it entail pressing buttons so that the sun rises and sets while the […]

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Beyond Flaws: Spoken Word Poetry

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216 total views, 1 views today Beyond flaws: Spoken Word Poetry. Download audio here: She was beautiful—that, I could tell. And his eyes wouldn’t get off her body and my heart couldn’t take it anymore; it bled profusely. I didn’t like her. I didn’t trust her. It wasn’t about the jealousy alone but also about the fact […]

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The Exodus

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275 total views, 2 views today The Exodus Download audio here: Listen. Listen to me— let me explain. You see, I have been traveling a long while; searching for a treasure that I could call mine. I have dug so hard, so deep, dug so close— only to discover other people’s gold mines. Look. Look at my […]

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