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A Short Poem: If Tomorrow Never Comes

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437 total views, 3 views today A Short Poem: If Tomorrow Never Comes Embedded in tomorrow are all the wishes and dreams— the plans and everything of many. Time is here yet so far away and everyone is waiting in anticipation for its arrival. But if tomorrow never comes then it means songs won’t be sung; long […]

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Nightfall: Spoken Word

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316 total views, 2 views today Nightfall: Spoken Word. When the ruler of the day goes to rest, Darkness immediately possesses the throne. With his gloom, he connives with the universe; bribing her with pieces of silver stones, which she gladly accepts. When he’s in a good mood, he shows off his mistress: sometimes, she’s half nude; […]

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Indestructible: Spoken Word

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335 total views, 1 views today Indestructible: Spoken Word Like a play on a stage, life presents itself to us. And like the audience, we sit and watch. It is not rare to be amused at the turn of events — most times they go separate ways from what we have imagined. We sit and watch as […]

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O Vile One: Spoken Word

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305 total views, 6 views today O Vile One: Spoken Word O Vile One! She was only a little child who wanted to live her life as one— she wanted to enjoy her childhood but you robbed her of that desire when you desired her and you cut short her innocence. You defiled her pure thoughts and […]

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Conqueror: Spoken Word

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467 total views, 2 views today Conqueror: Spoken Word. There are days when my soul is weary; days when I feel let down, broken and defeated. It’s like defeat brings me to my knees, it whispers to me— telling me to give up, to stop holding on— to let go. I can feel myself being consumed by […]

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To The Broken Man: Spoken Word

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555 total views, 3 views today To The Broken Man. I watched you drown in your most intense fears, in your hidden struggles, in your traumatic pain because society made a claim that you ought to be strong regardless of what comes along. Every voice is heard but not yours, even when you’re the victim, you go […]

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Survival: Spoken Word

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359 total views, 1 views today Survival: Spoken Word. They say wounds take time to heal;they say time heals everything. Well,I am wounded — guess time will healme. But how long will it take?Now that it is in a broken state —my heart, I mean. How soon will itget out of the ICU? They tell me I […]

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