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227 total views, 1 views today Replaced. Did you hear what was being said? Or where or how or why? Did you pick a side to ignite a fire that would blow wild simply because you thought you could change a game or be motivational for a second? Only to realize that you threw stones at the […]

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To The One

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315 total views, no views today To The One. To The One. I do not know who you are, but maybe I do— only not aware that it is you. I like to think of you as Prince Charming but I know that’s impossible; there are no perfect beings; there are no perfect things and wishes […]

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Life’s Biography of Normals and Ironies

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310 total views, 1 views today Life’s Biography of Normals and Ironies. Roses can grow in forests; trees in gardens. People have faces that have been reshaped. they’ve been to places, they’ve passed through stages and have left their traces. Workers are paid wages, cents are meant to pay for the bills and the rents but sometimes— […]

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Perfectly Imperfect

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314 total views, no views today Perfectly Imperfect. Tell me what your dreams were when you were younger: Fairytales and perfect endings, I suppose. Did it all come to play? Did you find your fairy godmother or does she exist only in Disney’s world? Did you find your Prince charming or is he lost in the […]

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Once Upon a September

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625 total views, 4 views today Once Upon a September: Consists of a poem titled “Once Upon a Tearful September” and an Original song titled ” Where Do We Go From Here?” Once Upon A Tearful September The perfect blue sky turned grey, the ashes barely had traces of remains. It was a tearful September. Souls have […]

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From a Grieving Heart

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381 total views, 2 views today From a Grieving Heart. So I saw what lips quiver to utter through the lenses of others. My heart bleeds at the sight of cruelty offered to those who should have been called brothers. You kill and destroy because of your insecurities, your envy has taken the better part of you. […]

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If Words Weren’t: A Poem

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281 total views, 1 views today If Words Weren’t: A Poem. If words were diamonds, many of us wouldn’t speak, for fear of becoming bankrupt. If they were arrows, we would never speak to our friends — only to our foes. If they were flowers, we would speak to our loved ones, till no flowers are left. […]

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