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The Blur Truth: Spoken Word

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76 total views, 39 views today The Blur Truth: Spoken Word We are robots in the land where we thought we made robots. Wecompletely forgot who we were when we started acting like the robotswe created. It seems they outsmartedus by becoming smarter and enslaving us. We are now at their beck and call. They ping us […]

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The Story With Many Holes: Spoken Word

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111 total views, 1 views today The Story With Many Holes: Spoken Word. The rumour has it that someone said that she said that they said… so they took the rumour and ran along with it without asking who precisely said what. This was the birth of her story — the one she never told. The one […]

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The Appointed Time: Spoken Word

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83 total views, no views today The Appointed Time: Spoken Word It is said that the sun and moon serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and yes, to also serve as light both day and night. So it has been written, so it has been.Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, […]

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When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard: A Short Poem

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69 total views, 1 views today When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard. His eyes yelled for help but he got nothing more than nice smiles and compliments— because no one ever heard. Now, the live coal has gone cold. No one will ever know why he chose to douse it by landing on the oceans floor. Written and […]

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When He Turned Red: Short Poem

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107 total views, 2 views today When He Turned Red. White as the clouds, he once was, till he turned red like a burning furnace. Like a florescent bulb, she once glowed, but his sizzling red effect made her as wishy- washy as an old grave. Since he turned red, she had been his daily sacrifice; but […]

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Once Upon a Shredded Dream

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187 total views, 7 views today Once Upon a Shredded Dream. His lips tasted like honey each time we kissed. I got lost in his arms each time he held me close. But there was something that lay hidden — that, he didn’t disclose. I didn’t bother because it didn’t matter— at least that was what I […]

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When They See Us

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162 total views, 6 views today When They See Us: Spoken Word Poetry (inspired by the Netflix series and the movie, Woodlawn). I heard them say that: we are not good enough we are not worthy of love. Injustice hides behind the scenes, dictating rules, implementing policies — playing politics— he causes conflicts, judges by the colour […]

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