Hell’s Heaven

Hell’s Heaven Listen here: I find youscrambling for goldthrough nooks and cranniesopen spaces and holesbut you fail to seethat this is all smokean endless chasingof invisible visibilities I see youcaressing the darknesslost in its gripyou embrace its bittertendernessas it drains youof your happinessan endless journeyof insecure securities I tell you

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Happiness is free

Happiness is free Listen here: Watch here: You stay up late, sobbing and sulkingtrapped in the web of the internetYou feel left out ’cause your mates have made itwhile you’re sitting there feeling depressedAs days go by, you find that your envyis evolving into something elseYou can’t explain but it’s

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Slavery ( The Big Dream)

Slavery (The Big Dream) SlaveryIt holds a grip like Milton AveryIt’s bravery to face facts, look them in eyewithout knavery — now let’s spill the tricks:To attain certain levels of certain heightsYou must sell your soul, lose all that makes you wholeSoil your hands, I tell you, there’s no using

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts Listen and Download here: Watch here: A penny for your thoughts, for your thoughtsLet me give a penny for your thoughts, for your thoughtsA penny for your thoughts, for your thoughtsFor your thoughts They said we’d live life, we’d live freeIf we opt to change,

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Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry) SilenceLet’s take a moment of silenceCause the noise we hear from violenceQuite frankly, is crippling and deafening. SirensLet’s talk about the sirensThat wage war against our very existence, our human rights, our own space like the titans,who invade this spacefor material gains and fame—selling and instigating

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