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Be Careful Who You Marry

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345 total views, 2 views today Be Careful Who You Marry. A few years ago, I walked past this very pretty lady. She seemed to have had it figured out. She was married and she had a lucrative business she ran with her husband. Anyone would have thought that things must have been going fine for her. […]

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7 Things That Ruin Relationships

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214 total views, 2 views today 7 Things That Ruin Relationships. Everyone wants to have a great relationship. No one is ever like: “I really would love to have a terrible, horrible relationship that would make me question my existence.” I’ve never heard anyone say that and if such people exists, they definitely have a mental problem. […]

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6 Lessons Love Taught Me

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322 total views, 2 views today 6 Lessons Love Taught Me. I lay on my bed on Saturday night as I thought deeply about what to write as my next post. Many ideas came to mind but one struck. “That’s the one”, I smiled to myself. I began to type but there weren’t any points yet. So […]

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7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More

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422 total views, 1 views today 7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More. Notice: I originally posted this article on the since deleted site GiftedGreen (a Nigerian Lifestyle blog) in 2015. This is an updated version. Contrary to what people think, men aren’t the only ones who ought to be romantic. If the job […]

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4 Ways to Get Over a Break Up

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314 total views, 1 views today 4 Ways to Get Over a Break Up Breaking up can be a very excruciating experience — especially when you have invested so much in a relationship. Many things run through your mind. You ask questions like: “How did we get here?” “What went wrong?” “Why do I feel such pain?” […]

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A Personal Experience: Can Exes Remain Friends?

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585 total views, 2 views today A Personal Experience: Can Exes Remain Friends. Can exes remain friends? Relationships can be a bit complicated sometimes. You meet someone. You get attracted to them. You become friends. You want to take it a step further, you ask them out. They say yes. You start a relationship and it’s all […]

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