Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry)

Choose Love (Spoken Word Poetry) SilenceLet’s take a moment of silenceCause the noise we hear from violenceQuite frankly, is crippling and deafening. SirensLet’s talk about the sirensThat wage war against our very existence, our human rights, our own space like the titans,who invade this spacefor material gains and fame—selling and instigating

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Of Liars And Thieves: Spoken Word Poetry

Of Liars And Thieves: Spoken Word Poetry Written and Performed by Viano Dee She spoke words so enchanting,He believed for a fact that they were true.But now you can hear his heart pantingAs he realized the lies she had spewed. He entered her life like a thief at nightAnd sliced

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Life’s Biography of Normals and Ironies

Life’s Biography of Normals and Ironies. Roses can grow in forests; trees in gardens. People have faces that have been reshaped. they’ve been to places, they’ve passed through stages and have left their traces. Workers are paid wages, cents are meant to pay for the bills and the rents but

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