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30 Things Movies Have Made Us Believe

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52 total views, 1 views today 30 Things Movies Have Made Us Believe Notice: I am not the original writer of this post, I came across it on a friend’s Facebook status from 2015. Unfortunately, he too couldn’t remember where he got it from but I thought it was hilarious and decided to share. Just for laughs. […]

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10 Replies to Stupid Questions

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55 total views, 3 views today 10 replies to stupid questions Some say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. The reason being that what one considers stupid may really be useful to the person who is asking. Some people are afraid to ask questions because they do not want to be embarrassed. They’d […]

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11 Things Babies Would Say If They Could Talk

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77 total views, 1 views today Babies. Everyone loves babies. They are cute and hilarious. It is amazing to see how they try to communicate what they feel because they cannot talk. But what if it were possible for them to talk; what would they say? Would they be cool or would they be rude? Would they […]

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If Idioms Were Taken Literally During Conversations

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140 total views, no views today Idioms Idioms are phrases which are figurative in meaning. In other words, idioms mostly don’t make sense when taken literally. Let’s take a few examples of some idioms and see what they’ll sound like if taken literally during conversations. Raining Cats and Dogs Raining cats and dogs. Source: Reddit “Dude, […]

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