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7 Unique Rivers In the World

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396 total views, 1 views today 7 Unique Rivers in the World. We already know that the earth consists of 29% of land and 71% of water. When we talk of water, we are talking about lakes, streams, seas, oceans, and rivers. While rivers are generally a sight to behold, there are some with bizarre tales. Let’s […]

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11 Creative Unusual Beds

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192 total views, no views today 11 Creative Unusual Beds. The HamBurger Bed Are you obsessed with hamburgers? Guess what?! Not only can you eat one, but you can also sleep in one! How awesome is that? You’re probably wondering how this came to be– read about the origin here. I just wonder what sleeping in […]

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Rape and the Tale of Silence

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296 total views, 4 views today Rape and the Tale of Silence. There was a time when no one heard about cases of rape. It was a time when people had consciences, a time when each man was his brother’s keeper. These were the days of old. I believe that’s what we would all like to assume. […]

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10 Weird Phobias That Exist

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525 total views, 2 views today 10 Weird Phobias That Exist. A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction. People who have phobia, tend to panic when they are faced with the source of their fear. They’d do anything to avoid that which they fear. There are so many types of phobias — many of which are […]

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5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World

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367 total views, 1 views today 5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World. When one talks of household items, one just thinks of necessary items a house needs. Such include appliances, furniture, clothing and so on. Usually there’s a budget on what to spend on these and though selection is based on preference and income, most […]

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Modern Christianity: A Deadly Epidemic

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325 total views, 1 views today Modern Christianity: A Deadly Epidemic. Phew! That’s quite a title. I won’t be surprised if it comes off as controversial. This is going to be lengthy though but I’ll try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Anyway. I’ve been meaning to write on this for a while but kept postponing […]

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How Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

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478 total views, no views today How Technology is Ruining Our Lives. For the most part, when people talk about technology, they focus mainly on its benefits. We all know that technology has some advantages but if we would be truthful to ourselves, we can say that it has caused more harm than good. I particularly […]

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