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6 Lessons Love Taught Me

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115 total views, 1 views today 6 Lessons Love Taught Me. I lay on my bed on Saturday night as I thought deeply about what to write as my next post. Many ideas came to mind but one struck. “That’s the one”, I smiled to myself. I began to type but there weren’t any points yet. So […]

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It’s A Tough Job Being God: Spoken Word

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161 total views, 1 views today It’s A Tough Job Being God. Download audio here: I have often wondered What it feels like to be God. Does it entail one watching the world on a screen while sipping on a cup of coffee? Does it entail pressing buttons so that the sun rises and sets while the […]

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Beyond Flaws: Spoken Word Poetry

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164 total views, 1 views today Beyond flaws: Spoken Word Poetry. Download audio here: She was beautiful—that, I could tell. And his eyes wouldn’t get off her body and my heart couldn’t take it anymore; it bled profusely. I didn’t like her. I didn’t trust her. It wasn’t about the jealousy alone but also about the fact […]

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7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More

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159 total views, 4 views today 7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More. Notice: I originally posted this article on the since deleted site GiftedGreen (a Nigerian Lifestyle blog) in 2015. This is an updated version. Contrary to what people think, men aren’t the only ones who ought to be romantic. If the job […]

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4 Ways to Get Over a Break Up

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89 total views, 1 views today 4 Ways to Get Over a Break Up Breaking up can be a very excruciating experience — especially when you have invested so much in a relationship. Many things run through your mind. You ask questions like: “How did we get here?” “What went wrong?” “Why do I feel such pain?” […]

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The Positive Side of Pain

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125 total views, 1 views today The Positive Side of Pain When one thinks of pain, what usually comes to the mind is discomfort, distress, suffering, sorrow, agony—and truly speaking, no one likes to go through pain. Unfortunately, we can’t escape it because it is part of life but we can choose how to deal with it. […]

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The Exodus

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91 total views, 1 views today The Exodus Download audio here: Listen. Listen to me— let me explain. You see, I have been traveling a long while; searching for a treasure that I could call mine. I have dug so hard, so deep, dug so close— only to discover other people’s gold mines. Look. Look at my […]

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