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A Short Poem: If Tomorrow Never Comes

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436 total views, 2 views today A Short Poem: If Tomorrow Never Comes Embedded in tomorrow are all the wishes and dreams— the plans and everything of many. Time is here yet so far away and everyone is waiting in anticipation for its arrival. But if tomorrow never comes then it means songs won’t be sung; long […]

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7 Things Typical Nigerian Mothers Do

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289 total views, 2 views today Nigerian Mothers: 7 Things Typical Nigerian Mothers Do. Motherhood can be and is usually full of surprises. Mothering comes with a lot of commitments and responsibilities. There are a lot of things a mum would have to give up when it comes to raising a child. She will have to give […]

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Rape and the Tale of Silence

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296 total views, 4 views today Rape and the Tale of Silence. There was a time when no one heard about cases of rape. It was a time when people had consciences, a time when each man was his brother’s keeper. These were the days of old. I believe that’s what we would all like to assume. […]

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7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid

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221 total views, 1 views today 7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid. It’s another weekend and I decided to do a little throw back to some of the embarrassing things we did as kids. Childhood is the first stage of growing up. It is the period when a human is innocent and naïve. Whether or […]

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Nightfall: Spoken Word

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315 total views, 1 views today Nightfall: Spoken Word. When the ruler of the day goes to rest, Darkness immediately possesses the throne. With his gloom, he connives with the universe; bribing her with pieces of silver stones, which she gladly accepts. When he’s in a good mood, he shows off his mistress: sometimes, she’s half nude; […]

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Indestructible: Spoken Word

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335 total views, 1 views today Indestructible: Spoken Word Like a play on a stage, life presents itself to us. And like the audience, we sit and watch. It is not rare to be amused at the turn of events — most times they go separate ways from what we have imagined. We sit and watch as […]

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Be Careful Who You Marry

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345 total views, 2 views today Be Careful Who You Marry. A few years ago, I walked past this very pretty lady. She seemed to have had it figured out. She was married and she had a lucrative business she ran with her husband. Anyone would have thought that things must have been going fine for her. […]

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