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6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

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109 total views, 4 views today 6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me. When I was a child I couldn’t wait to become an adult. I was always in a hurry to grow just so I could do grown up things like make up, date, get a job, make money, get married — the list goes on. Then […]

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When He Turned Red: Short Poem

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108 total views, 3 views today When He Turned Red. White as the clouds, he once was, till he turned red like a burning furnace. Like a florescent bulb, she once glowed, but his sizzling red effect made her as wishy- washy as an old grave. Since he turned red, she had been his daily sacrifice; but […]

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How Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

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172 total views, 5 views today How Technology is Ruining Our Lives. For the most part, when people talk about technology, they focus mainly on its benefits. We all know that technology has some advantages but if we would be truthful to ourselves, we can say that it has caused more harm than good. I particularly like […]

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Once Upon a Shredded Dream

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188 total views, 8 views today Once Upon a Shredded Dream. His lips tasted like honey each time we kissed. I got lost in his arms each time he held me close. But there was something that lay hidden — that, he didn’t disclose. I didn’t bother because it didn’t matter— at least that was what I […]

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When They See Us

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163 total views, 7 views today When They See Us: Spoken Word Poetry (inspired by the Netflix series and the movie, Woodlawn). I heard them say that: we are not good enough we are not worthy of love. Injustice hides behind the scenes, dictating rules, implementing policies — playing politics— he causes conflicts, judges by the colour […]

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Freedom Is Just An Illusion

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162 total views, 4 views today Freedom Is Just An Illusion. “Free our people!” That was the cry of those who fought for the people in the days when slavery, was more physical than mental. In the days when slave masters would cruelly maltreat their slaves with hot irons, clubs and canes. In the days when slaves […]

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30 Things Movies Have Made Us Believe

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52 total views, 1 views today 30 Things Movies Have Made Us Believe Notice: I am not the original writer of this post, I came across it on a friend’s Facebook status from 2015. Unfortunately, he too couldn’t remember where he got it from but I thought it was hilarious and decided to share. Just for laughs. […]

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