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Beyond Flaws: Spoken Word Poetry

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Beyond flaws: Spoken Word Poetry.

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Beyond Flaws: Spoken Word

She was beautiful—that, I could tell. And his eyes wouldn’t get off her body and my heart couldn’t take it anymore; it bled profusely.

I didn’t like her. I didn’t trust her. It wasn’t about the jealousy alone but also about the fact that she wasn’t real; she wasn’t true—I saw it but he couldn’t.

Her bosoms were round, perfect and captivating indeed. I feared he would reach for them and that made my heart sink even deeper for I knew that if he did, he’d be gone.

I tried to talk him out of it but like a hypnotized fellow, he didn’t listen. Lustfully, he beheld her beauty and began to yearn for her; walking towards her like he was in a trance. I yelled. I begged him to stop but his ears were deaf; temporarily blocked.

She kept smiling as he kept getting closer with his hands reaching for those forbidden fruits that were glued to her chest. She slowly began to reveal her cleavages, making his appetite increase rapidly as he rapidly increased his steps.

All of a sudden his hands fastened to them the way a child would get hold of something without letting go. Then he began to lose consciousness and she began to reveal her true identity—wicked, ugly and deformed.

She laughed loudly like a conqueror for she had succeeded in draining his strength and slowly she walked away and disappeared into the dark.

Tears came rolling down my cheeks as I raced to help him. He lay on the floor weak and helpless. I looked at him; Oh! He looked so pale. I wept bitterly, held him close and I loved him still.

Beyond Flaws: Spoken Word Poetry

Written and Performed by Viano Dee

About Beyond Flaws

Beyond Flaws is a spoken word poetry about undying, unconditional love. Love so pure, so true that looks beyond flaws, mistakes, imperfections even after several warnings. It’s how we are enticed so easily by things we desire that are not good for us. We are most times not aware that they are just illusions.

Depending on who is standing in the gap for us— parents, spouses, loved ones— they yell, we just ignore until we get into it and realized we’ve been tricked and those who love us still stand by us.

Think about it as Christ and the Church, Parents and Children, lovers… this is what Beyond Flaws is about.

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