Before You Judge || Viano Dee

Before You Judge || Viano Dee

Before You Judge || Viano Dee

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Before You Judge || Viano Dee

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Before You Judge


So you sidon dey talk about my mata
Talk about my life like say na you dey write am
Carry am for head like say na you wey get am
You dey broadcast my mata like say you be newscaster
I wonder, I tire, trust me I dey ponder
On how the tory no correct but see as e go viral
And everyone believe am as e be say na you talk am
I hear am, I remain calm, I no bother dispute am and that’s because

If you really wanna know the truth
Then maybe you should ask for proof
No one knows my life the way I do
You don’t even know me, so how can you judge me?

They won’t tell my story like I would
They don’t even know me, how can they tell my story?

Say: One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
If the shoes don’t fit then you cannot feel the heat,
Say: One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
At least before you judge me try to find out what the truth is

One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
If they don’t know me then they cannot tell my story
One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
At least before you judge me try to get to really know me

One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
If the shoes don’t fit then you cannot feel the heat, say
One shot, two hits, three stitches, four
At least before you judge me try to find out what the truth is

English version of the first verse

So you sit down to talk about my matter
Talk about my life as if you are the writer
Take it upon yourself as if you are the owner
You’re broadcasting my matter like you are a newscaster
I wonder, I’m tired, trust me I am pondering
On how the story isn’t true but see how it’s gone viral
And everyone believes it because it was you who said it
I heard it but remained calm, didn’t bother to clear the air and that’s because

Songwriter/ Performer: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Lofi Mallet By Kwon
Mixed: Semshak
©2020, All Rights Reserved.

About “Before You Judge”

Before You Judge is a song about rumour-mongering. It talks about the damages it causes and how frustrating it could be for the one who is falsely being accused. At the end of the day, if one must know the truth, one must verify it. It doesn’t usually hurt till it’s done to you.

The inspiration came from a personal place. I’ve heard some unbelievable stories about myself that sometimes I just wonder how someone just sat down to create such stories. It’s mind-boggling. I also know people who have complained of the same thing. Apparently. it’s something most people can relate to.

Another source of inspiration came from Kwon’s Lofi Mallet instrumental. When I first heard it, I was like “Wow! This beat would be perfect for this issue.” Oh well, the rest is history.

Have you heard false stories about yourself? Would love to hear about it at the comment section below.

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Before You Judge
Before You Judge || Viano Dee

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Emily Terrell

This is definitely an issue that I think most people can relate to. Too often, we are judged. And from that judgement comes rumors. I think a lot of it is so that they can just talk. To seem cool. But it can ruin a persons life.

Reply to  Emily Terrell

So true.


We are often wrong when we make assumptions and try to judge others. We cannot really read another’s mind.

Reply to  Simi



Agree with other commenters about how hurtful rumors can be! You never really know what is going on in other people’s lives or what they’re going through. Better to always be kind!

Reply to  Tegan

That’s right.


Some people can be so creative when creating rumors it blows my mind. Great song!

Reply to  Veronika

Honestly! Thanks so much.


I like the lyrics, it is very deep and meaningful. this song teaches not only entertains

Reply to  Lyosha

Thank you, Lyosha.


Nice song! I like the message and when the beat drops.

Reply to  Nkem

Thank you, Nkem.

Britt K

I love the message! We live in a world where social media makes it easier than ever for rumours and half-truths to spread like wildfire. Before you know it, you’re hearing something about your life that couldn’t possible be true. Sure, everyone says to just let it roll off your back, but that’s often easier said than done. I’ll definitely be saving this to listen to the next time that happens!

Reply to  Britt K

Sadly, that’s the world we live in.

Di Hickman

I am guilty of judgement, it’s a very human behavior. Unfortunately for me it’s self judgement. Probably the worst form. Cripppling at times

Reply to  Di Hickman

Go easy on yourself. Learn to be kinder to yourself.


I love this song and its message! Nice one!

Reply to  Aaliziyah

Thank you, Aaliziyah. Thanks for listening.

Kuntala Bhattacharya

Very deep thoughts. Agree that its wrong to judge others through rumours. Knowing the reality and truth is so important.


Well said.


what a nice song, lyrics are great, very deep and meaningful!

Reply to  Lyosha

Thank you.


Your songs are so good. They are full of heart and soul.

Reply to  Simi

Thank you, Marta.


Love this! I can relate to the lyrics especially the line that “And everyone believes it because it was you who said it” and that fact just pisses me off but decided to just let go since I don’t want to waste my time and effort to explain and defend myself because someone is broadcasting something false like a newscaster.

Reply to  Clarice

Thanks so much, Clarice.

Charlotte Petit Noble

Beautiful. I love the way you use the words to make them resonate together. You are talented <3


Thankyou for your kind words, Charlotte.

Komal Patel

I can definitely relate to these words! People can be so judgmental, we just have to let it roll of our shoulders

Cassandra Rose

I really love how open and honest you are in the lyrics. The line “I wonder, I’m tired, trust me I am pondering” resonated with me the most; it can be so hard to get a hold on the stories people tell about us (even our closest friends) and it sometimes feels like everything is spiraling out of control. The amount of times I’ve seen people use Twitter to spread really hurtful rumors about people they are close to amazes me. Thank you for sharing!

Puneet Kaur

these are such beautifully written lyrics…… certainly the damage caused by judging especially someone who you don’t know or why he took that action can never be imagined!

Melanie williams

I love my music and I love the title about this as so many people do Judge, so Don’t Judge is a great message x

Marjie Mare

I love these lyrics and I can relate. I have learned to be compassionate and not judge too quickly as you never know what you would do if you were to be in the other person’s shoes.


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