Be Yourself: Love Yourself

Be Yourself: Love Yourself

Be Yourself: Love yourself

In a world full of many unrealistic standards, it is difficult for one to keep up. Many people are filled with self-doubt which makes them constantly wonder if they are good enough. The reason is that society has made seem that way. For instance, beauty is defined by being facially pretty, having a pointed nose, full lips, big butts, perky boobs, an hourglass figure… you know it all, the list goes on and on.

The same goes for guys too only apart from the physical standards, there’s so much pressure on them to “make it.” If you’re not wealthy, then you’re nothing. This is exactly where the problem lies.

These unrealistic standards have made people forget who they truly are and try to be someone else. They are constantly comparing themselves with others and in the process, they erase their uniqueness and start living a lie.

Everyone is unique in their own way hence there is a need for them to shine in their own way. For instance, there’s a difference between a dog and a cat— a clear difference. Both have characteristics that make them unique but imagine if the standard of beauty or self-worth relied on their ability to roar. How ridiculous is that? Isn’t that what we are doing?

Someone just graduates and needs a job but is being told they need a minimum of two years of work experience. Let’s talk about being “successful” at a certain age or having to go extreme to be fashionable…the list is endless.

These days it’s almost a taboo for a lady to age. It’s like the older she gets, the more pressure there is for her to look younger. Whose idea was this? Aging is supposed to be a beautiful process, not a curse.

We have all these to worry about and then we wonder why the suicide rates are high? There’s so much pressure and it is depressing. Everyone should be comfortable in their skins and be confident about who they are. We are all unique beings and that’s exactly what makes variety— that’s what makes life exciting.

Stop comparing yourself to others. The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Be a better person than you were yesterday. You have your own shine and you’ll shine at your own pace. Don’t let society clog your head with nonsense. Own your uniqueness! Be yourself; love yourself because it is only when you learn to be yourself that you can truly love yourself. Oh, one more thing: always remember that you’re enough. Have an awesome Monday!

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Be yourself
Be Yourself: Love Yourself
Love yourself
Be yourself: Love yourself

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