Be Grateful For Who You Are!

Be Grateful For Who You Are!

Be Grateful For Who You Are

Written by Stephanie Chuks (Contributor)

A lady once told me she hated herself and she wondered why everybody hated her for no reason. Then I asked her a question; “if you hate yourself, why do you want others to like something you hate? Don’t you think it is wicked to want us to like something you hate?”

You can’t genuinely love others if you hate yourself. You should learn to love yourself first. This in turn will attract more love to your life. People who hate themselves attract hatred while people who love themselves attract love.

There are certain things about your body that you can’t change, embrace those things, be comfortable in your skin. Many times we desire to be like someone else, talk like them, act like them, and because of that, we always end up neglecting our own uniqueness.

For example, I have heard certain people tell me that I have big eyes, and I smile and tell them that I love them the way they are because I see things others can’t see. And when they tell me that I have a big nose, I laugh and tell them it is because I need more oxygen than they do.

I even add a little humour to it. I tell them not to stay in the same room as me for their own good. The reason being that they may have no air to breathe because my nose will trap it all. Haha!

Sometimes, making jokes about yourself causes bullying to die off. No one laughs at a man who laughs at himself first, it is a waste of time. So don’t give your critics something to feast on. You should learn that what people think about you is not your identity; it is just their individual opinion– and opinions can be wrong after all.

Opinions are very cheap because everybody has one. You have the sole responsibility for protecting your self-esteem. Don’t leave it at the mercy of people who have lost access to wise control over their utterances. Add humor to your life. God didn’t make any mistake while he was creating you. You were wonderfully made both in his image and his likeness.

Your physical appearance is the way it is because it was designed that way for a purpose. Desiring to be like someone else is futile. The fish was designed to live in water. What it can effectively do inside water, the lion cannot do half of it even with all its strength.

So my dear reader, be comfortable in your skin and most importantly, be grateful for how you were created. That very part you are unhappy about is what someone else is wishing they had. You worry that your feet are too large, someone else is wishing they had feet. Cultivate the habit of saying “I am grateful for….” Instead of “I wish I had this and that”.

Being grateful for the little things makes you a more optimistic person — which in turn makes you a better person.

So tell me, what are you grateful for? Drop your comments.

Stephanie Chuks

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Be Grateful For Who You Are
Be Grateful For Who You Are
Be grateful for who you are
Be Grateful For Who You Are


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Stephanie Chuks

Stephanie Chuks is a Self-Identity coach, a Public Speaker, A Creative Writer and a youth mentor. She helps young confused people discover their dominant uniqueness and their life's purpose thereby helping them live a life of impact and maximum fulfillment free from depression, low self-esteem and identity crisis. She is from Obowo local government in Imo State, Nigeria. She has helped a lot of young confused people understand their identity through her group mentorship training, her One on one coaching sessions and her impactful Articles. She is passionate about what she does and she does it with so much zeal and mastery.