BandLab: What You Need To Know

BandLab: What You Need To Know

BandLab: What You Need To Know

What’s up, Fam? I must apologize for being silent for a while. It’s been quite a busy month for me but hey, I’m here now and I must confess: it feels good to be back. That being said, let’s get back to the topic.

If you’re a singer, instrumentalist, producer, or even if you have a flair for creating music and you’re a little low on resources, you might want to try Bandlab. Let me tell you why? Because it is easy and though you need data to be able to access it, it is FREE.

Not only is it for music creation and production but it also serves as a social platform for musicians. You even get to collaborate with them if you want just the same way you can make your projects (the music you’ve created be it sounds or songs) public or private. I joined with the sole purpose of creating music and nothing more (that may change in the future– who knows?).

BandLab also offers sounds that are free to use forever even if you decide to delete your account for whatever reasons best known to you. However, there is one limitation and that is you cannot use sounds as stand alone. What this simply means is that when you download sounds, you have to add some compositions to them. You can find out more here.

I first came across this when I was looking for where to master tracks online for free, tried it and it was impressive. Then I proceeded to create music and I was really amazed at the outcome.

Why you should try it

  • Anyone can use it: You need no prior knowledge of music production to know how to use it. Once you familiarize yourself with it, you’re good to go.
  • Can be used via the BandLab App ( Android, iOS, macOS and Windows ) or the web
  • You do not need anything fancy to create decent audio: Your phone, the app and earpiece will do. Just make sure you speak or sing loud enough and you can use effects to enhance your voice. Here’s a sample from my EP Lyrical Detox:
Lyrical Detox Preview || Viano Dee

Not bad, uh? And it sounds that way because of the effects used. There are some that are quite clear. It basically depends on your preference.

  • There are several effects to work with, you can’t get bored.
  • Latency test can be carried out when using your phone to record so your vocal doesn’t lag.

Issues you might have and how to fix them

I’ve noticed at some point you may experience an audio glitch. This is where the track you’re working on begins to play at the slowest pace ever. All you need to do is to save your work, go to Settings on your mobile, and clear cache. If you’re using a system, you might want to clear that out too. Then sign out, log in, open the audio you want to work, and freeze all the tracks you’re working with on that audio.

bandlab freeze

So let’s assume you have a guitar as the first track (just as shown above), your vocal as the second track and you experience the glitch, freeze the tracks one by one after doing all I mentioned above.

Secondly, you may find it difficult to know what effects to use. I recommend that you create your own preset first and that should include:

  • Noise gate: This allows you to reduce the noise in your vocals after recording
  • BL 1176: Sometimes when you sing, some words may not be heard clearly probably because of the kind of mic you’re using and that could pose a problem. The easiest way to fix that is to use the compressor: BL 1176.
  • Graphic EQ: Otherwise known as an equalizer, it is used to change the frequency response of selected sounds, such as particular instruments or vocals in an audio track. It can also make your audio sound better overall.
  • DeEsser: If your vocal contains pronounced “s” sounds and “t” sounds that sound like hissing or are just harsh, the De-Esser controls those high-frequency peaks and balances them out.

For a step by step guide, watch this tutorial.

Well, there you have it! What do you think?

Have you used BandLab? What was your experience?

Are you using it? Is it worth the hype?

Will you use it? Drop your answers at the comment section below!

Don’t forget: my EP, Lyrical Detox will be coming out very soon so y’all get ready for that!

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Bandlab uses and issues

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I like how this pandemic is pushing some of us be more creative. I like this! Heehehe

Lori Bosworth

I had never heard of BandLab before but I think it’s great for musicians! I love that it’s free!

Viano Dee
Reply to  Lori Bosworth
😀I like that it’s free too😀
Emily Terrell

This is an incredible resource! I love hearing about new things like this. Especially when people are having a hard time after the pandemic.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Emily Terrell
It really is, Emily.

oh i never heard of this before, that is an amazing tool!!! I am not a musician but I have many friends that would be very interested! Thanks a lot.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Mosaicslab
😀They might be. Who knows?😀

oooh! I might be interested in this in the future! Much appreciated!

Melanie williams

No need to apologise for being silent and this sounds lie something we might try out. thanks for this x

Viano Dee
Thank you so much, Melanie.
Mila R

Sending to my friend, musician. I’m sure he will appreciate this a lot!


I haven’t heard of it before and now I am very curious to learn more!


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