Don’t Rush – Viano Dee

Don’t Rush- Viano Dee Aakash Gandhi on the beatIt’s Viano Dee!Let’s go! Hear the mumble ring, those are voices of your relativesGathering together wondering when you will settle downThey say you’re in your 30s but you haven’t brought home anyoneYou’re gradually becoming the main topic of their many gossips You

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Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society

Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society There’s someone somewhere at this moment going through domestic abuse. In a world where social media creates an illusion of perfection, it is almost impossible to detect any form of domestic violence. Why? Because there are beautiful smiles, lovely poses and loads of

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ITAAW Music Distribution Company: A Review (2022)

ITAAW Music Distribution Company: A Review (2022) ITAAW is a music distribution company based in Africa for Africans. While most music distribution companies collect a certain percentage of artist royalties, ITAAW gives the artist 100% of the royalties collected from music stores including Spotify, Apple music, ITunes, Tictok and a

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Hell’s Heaven

Hell’s Heaven Listen here: I find youscrambling for goldthrough nooks and cranniesopen spaces and holesbut you fail to seethat this is all smokean endless chasingof invisible visibilities I see youcaressing the darknesslost in its gripyou embrace its bittertendernessas it drains youof your happinessan endless journeyof insecure securities I tell you

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Happiness is free

Happiness is free Listen here: Watch here: You stay up late, sobbing and sulkingtrapped in the web of the internetYou feel left out ’cause your mates have made itwhile you’re sitting there feeling depressedAs days go by, you find that your envyis evolving into something elseYou can’t explain but it’s

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