All That Glitters: The Series (Ep 2.)

All That Glitters: The Series (Ep 2.)

All That Glitters: The Series (Ep 2.)

Underneath the spotlight, he looked amazing. You could hear them chant his name with so much adoration. Cute eyes, sparkling smile,
fleet of cars, women of class. Private jets, wads of cash– what precisely could be better than that?!
The envy that crept in the hearts of those who felt less, was daunting, haunting, hunting.

“I would like to be that”, I heard someone say.


There he is wishing he had less, envying those who do not have more, because, beneath those cute eyes, redness has found a home. His eyes are red from the dread of the dark,
no one hears the voices combating in his mind, each fighting to be heard and felt;
each wanting to be very much present.
If only the envious knew about his deeds in the dark, they would shout chants of protest not that of praise. He looks good but sorrow dwells on his neck like a bow tie. The wails of the dead are his lullaby.

So tell me, is this the life you really want?

Moral of the Story:

Sometimes, what you envy about someone is exactly what they dread. Some people have paid deadly prices to get to where they are, to attain that power or position they have. Just because they smile and look adorable on the outside, doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well on the inside. This is not to say that everyone who is rich is guilty of this– but some are and for some reason, I don’t think I’d be wrong to say most are.

Many people would love to be set free from the bondage they have found themselves in but are afraid of the consequences that will befall them, should they speak. There are many stories you’ll never hear, many tales of sorrow you’ll never know about.

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it. Many times, life is not as cozy as it seems. Be grateful for what you have and where you are. Be contented.

Always remember: All that glitters… is not gold.

About All That Glitters: The Series (Ep 2)

This episode takes a look behind the scenes of a fictional character. While this may be fictional, it is no surprise that some people have sold their souls for fame and power– something many deeply regret.

Here, life can be seen from two perspectives: First, from the eyes of those who are envious and secondly, from him who is being envied.

Many times, people wish for things they know nothing about. If such wishes are granted, they could be deadly. Being wealthy doesn’t guarantee a life of happiness. Sometimes, there are prices to pay– prices that are too costly.

In case you missed it: Read All That Glitters: The Series (Ep 1)

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Viano Dee

Viano Dee is a non-niche blogger, poet, songwriter, and a hardcore romantic who believes that life is something that we all should be positive about. She writes about life generally with the hope that positive change will occur in the life of her readers -- even if it's just in one person. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Kristine Nicole Alessandra
2 years ago

This brings to mind the saying, “Be careful with what you wish for.” I do envy those who are rich because of my perception that they have their futures all planned out. However, this post made me realize that the rich ones probably dream of having a simple life!

2 years ago

I definitely agree with you, not everyone who can wear a smile on their face can be as truly happy as they is or they are. actually the most happy people are those who are in need of everything the most, cause they can be happy even without having anything. True happiness comes from within.

Joan Cajic
2 years ago

This is very true, we should stay content with what we have and work hard to reach where we want, you can never know what some had to sacrifice for what they have.

Susie Truett
2 years ago

This reminds me of the quote “Comparison is the thief of Joy”. It’s a much happier life when you remain grateful and content with the life you are living. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing this great message.

2 years ago

You are writing the truth. The get rich and famous or die trying attitude is eating up some people like a cancer. Envying what another person owns without knowing how he got it is baseless.

2 years ago

So true, Envying others is the worst thing, this will keep us stuck and unhappy. we should be content and grateful with what we have! thanks for sharing this!

2 years ago

Gratitude and contentment are two of the biggest blessings we can possess, and both make great antidotes to envy. I think in this day and age of social media, we have to be extra careful not to let the thief of envy sneak in to steal our joy in life!

The Wishful Luxury
2 years ago

This is a great piece of writing, envy can be a thing we all suffer from and it can make us do things that we really shouldn’t.

Elizabeth Drown
2 years ago

I try every day to remind myself to be grateful and to be content with my life and no compare myself to others. You never know what someone else is feeling, even when you think they have it all.

Lori Bosworth
2 years ago

It’s so important to be happy with one’s life. Wishing you had what others had does not attract abundance to you.

2 years ago

I think it takes living your life a bit to realise to be happy you have to do what you want and not wishing you had what others have

Melanie williams
2 years ago

I know exactly what you mean. I think it it so important to be grateful for what you already have x

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