7 Unique Rivers In the World

7 Unique Rivers In the World

7 Unique Rivers in the World.

We already know that the earth consists of 29% of land and 71% of water. When we talk of water, we are talking about lakes, streams, seas, oceans, and rivers. While rivers are generally a sight to behold, there are some with bizarre tales. Let’s take a look at 7 unique rivers in the world.

Hwang Ho or Huang He (Yellow River)

7 Unique Rivers Hwang ho river
7 Unique Rivers: Hwang Ho River

Also known as the Yellow River, is most times referred to as the cradle of Chinese civilization. It is the second longest river in China, the first being the Yangtze River.

It is known as the Yellow River because it got its name from its colour which is muddy in nature. The River is also nicknamed “River of Sorrow” because it is one of the world’s most deadly rivers during floods.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

7 Unique Riverspuerto-princesa-underground-river-national-park-philippines-
7 Unique Rivers: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Known as an underground river, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is found in the Philippines. Research shows that there’s a cave dome measuring 300 m (980 ft) above the underground river, rock formations, large bats, a deep water hole in the river, more river channels, and another deep cave, as well as marine creatures and more.

Rio Negro (Amazon)

7 Unique Riversrio-negro
7 Unique Rivers: Rio Negro

Rio Negro looks black from a distance but it is actually dark blue. It is the largest blackwater river in the world and is also the largest left tributary of the Amazon River in South America– it connects to the Amazon River as seen above.

The Triveni Sangam

7 Unique Rivers triveni sangam
7 Unique Rivers: The Triveni Sangam ( Image source: alchetron.com)

The Triveni Sangam is a place in India where three rivers meet: the Saraswati, Yamuna, and Ganga (Ganges). The Yamuna and Ganga are highly revered and regarded as sacred in India. Each river maintains its colour and characteristic at the meeting point. The Ganga is shallow, forceful, and clear while the Yamuna is deep, calm, and greenish. The Saraswati is mystical, but there is a belief that it flows beneath the surface.

Roe River

roe river
7 Unique Rivers: The Roe River (Image source: Kirsta Siems||@ usroute89.com

The Roe River is recorded by the Guinness book of records as the shortest river in the world. It has a depth of 201ft which flows in Montana, US between the Giant springs and Missouri River.

The Nile River

Nile River
7 Unique Rivers: The Nile River: Image source: Natgeo.com

Located in the North eastern part of Africa, the river Nile is said to the longest river in the world. However, there’s been a debate concerning this as some claim that the Amazon is longer.

When the River Nile is mentioned, almost everyone associates it with Egypt. Turns out that it actually flows through 11 countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Republic of Sudan, and of course, Egypt.

The River has played an important role in everyday lives throughout history as early Egyptians depended on it for transportation, food, and water– and so it is even to date. The Nile is also home to several water creatures such as fish, hippos, and crocodiles.

The Amazon River

Amazon River
7 Unique Rivers: The Amazon River || Image source: Natgeo Wild

Regarded as the largest river in the world as a result of its volume of water it carries, the Amazon River runs through tropical forests in South America. The river is responsible for supplying 20% of oceans freshwater. It houses both humans and several species of creatures. These include all sorts of snakes, frogs, fishes and even extremely rare creatures like the Pink Dolphins commonly known as boto.

There you go, 7 Unique Rivers in the World! Amazing fun facts, right? What do you think? Are these places you’d like to visit? Drop your comments.

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OMG, I cannot believe that these rivers actually exist! So beautiful! I’m sure there’s way more undiscovered or underrated !

thank you so much for sharing this !

Streamed TV Fan

I knew of all these rivers except the Roe river. What a marvellous journey it has in that short distance!


Interesting list, and a quick read with good facts. Especially love The Triveni Sangam, and the Rio Negro. Had never heard of either of these, and they are both really unique!

Tochukwu Precious Eze

Our earth is just so incredible! These rivers are all so unique, each adding something special to the entire makeup of our world. Thank you for sharing these interesting facts. I always love to learn more about the world around us.

Mijia Eggers

I only know the Yellow River, the Nile River and the Amazon river. However, I haven’t seen any of them which is a pity. If possible, I would choose to see Amazon first.


I would love to see each of these rivers in person. The Rio Negro is looks so cool!

Katherine Gamble

I absolutely love this post! I am particularly fascinating with nature so this is really an interest of mine. My favorite will always be the Nile River. Some of these rivers I’ve never heard of so I have some homework to do!

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

These rivers are all so beautiful in their own way. This is the first time I have read about Rio Negro. That is so cool. Oh, and the 3 rivers in India. That’s just amazing!


Wow! These look absolutely incredible! I would love to visit some of these!


Puerto Princessa looks like an ideal location for a James Bond movie. These rivers show how awesome and creative God is. I love this article, it’s informative and educative.

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