7 Types Of Friends To Avoid

7 Types Of Friends To Avoid

7 Types of friends to avoid.

In life we all need someone to be there for us at some point in our lives — that’s why we have friends.

Friends are supposed to be people who help you grow in every aspect of life. They are shoulders you can lean on, they are pillars in your lowest times.

However, not all friends are actually friends. Here are 7 types of friends you need to avoid if you want a happier life.

The Narcissistic Friend

7 types of friends to avoid: The Narcissist

You certainly do not need this kind of friend in your life. This is the person that is narcissistic in nature. What this means is that such a person has an inflated sense of importance, a strong need for excessive attention and admiration. This kind of person is selfish and has no empathy. If you want a happier life, avoid this person.

The Sadistic Friend

7 types of friends to avoid: The Sadist

This is the kind of person that enjoys inflicting pain on people. Such a person wants people to suffer. This kind of friend is never happy when you thrive or succeed. The sadistic friend will do anything to bring you down. This is the kind of friend that can go as far as digging into your past to bring out a buried secret that will cost you everything including your happiness.

The Manipulative Friend

7 types of friends to avoid: The Manipulator

This kind of friend doesn’t really care about you nor do they care about the things that bother you. All a manipulative person is interested in is what they can get from you. Such a person is usually familiar with ones weaknesses and uses it as a means to get what they want.

In other words, this kind of person enjoys taking advantage of people.

The Hypocrite

7 types of friends to avoid: The Hypocrite

The hypocrite is actually a two faced person. One that will smile with you and turn around to stab you in the back yet still come around to nurse your wound. This is a very dangerous friend to keep. You can refer to this person as a wolf in sheep clothing.

The Gossip

7 types of friends to avoid: The Gossip

If you are a private person and you don’t want stories of you all over the place, it’s best to avoid such people. The gossip will take your story to the end of the world. Such a person is like a camera — capturing
every move just to expose it to the world. In some cases, they create stories in their heads and spread such information as “truth”. Avoid such a person like a plague.

The Everlasting Complainer/Begger

7 types of friends to avoid: The complaining begger

This type of friend is one who has the habit of always begging and complaining about all the woes in their lives. Such friends are like leeches. They only receive. These ones never take responsibilities for their actions — they always blame it on life. They complain like they are the only ones with life issues. They are never contended with what they have. Such a friend will drain you.

The Wild Friend

The Wild friend

The wild friend is the one that pushes boundaries. One that will both make and encourage you to make bad decisions in the name of fun. Should anything go wrong, they bail on you and turn against you. If you want to be happy, do yourself a favour — run away from such.

Did I miss any? Share your thoughts.

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I must ask, how you got this inspiration or written skill? among those…i so dislike the gossip and the hypocrites…thanks for sharing.

Steven Adamiak

Definitely have to surround yourself with the right people

Wren Marie

This is a great list to follow! I have come across many of these types in my life. 

Reply to  Wren Marie

Wren, same.


Great post, this is all very true, this is why I always told my kids you shoul only be abe to count your true friends on one hand the rest are just people you know x

amber Nelson

So, yeah there are some people you definitely should avoid.  I actually would not consider them friends if they are negative influences.


The right friends are the ones that are going to encourage you and spur you on in your life. I agree with what another person said. I would not consider people with these negative influences as friends. This is an especially great read for teens!

Reply to  Jennie

Jennie, that’s correct but there are people who have friends like this.

Marjie Mare

I know a lot of people but I only call a few my friends.  I have learned to live with different people without letting them drain me.


I totally agree with this. I just dislike people who are manipulative and hypocrites. These types of people have no place in our lives. They only bring in negativity. 


Hmm onpoint. Thanks for sharing. 

Alexandra Cook

One thing that I really scared of people nowadays is not being honest when you really thought they are your friends. That’s why I always have a mind saying knowing a person require a long time. 

Reply to  Alexandra Cook

Alexandra, you’re quite right. But even knowing people a long time doesn’t mean they won’t or can’t change. It’s really tricky.

Brian Cicioni

And what does that leave? Doesn’t everybody has at least a few of these characteristics? Some more/less than others?

Reply to  Brian Cicioni

I don’t think that’s entirely true. I’ve known people who haven’t exhibited any of these characters, at least not to me. The lists refer to people who clearly exhibit the characters.

Tracy C

You are so right! I’ve known people who were narcissistic and manipulative–a terrible combination!

Reply to  Tracy C

Tracy C, that’s a really terrible combo. Lol.


OMG so true, these people are so destructive to your life. Committed personally to only surround myself with positive people. 

Reply to  Nadalie

That’s a very wise choice, Nadalie.

Liz Bayardelle

These are all so true.  Some are obvious, but it took me quite a long time to learn to avoid other toxic types.

Arun Dahiya

All these is what my ex was. Narcissistic, sadistic, abusive, boundary pusher. I am glad that finally am free of the abuse. You are so right, these people literally ruin lives. 

Reply to  Arun Dahiya

Damn! All these in one person?! I’m also glad you’re free! I hope you find someone that will treat you right.


So true, some people are wise to avoid such friends because keeping them emotionally drains. Great piece

Melanie williams

I hear you on all these points.  I deffo have got rid of the gossips and hypocrites for sure xx 

David Elliott

All of these people are very important to avoid.  I think I would add one, and it’s really a derivative of the narcissist.  But someone with borderline personality disorder definitely upends your life as well.  

Jaana McEntee

I think I have them all on my friends list.. I noticed one thing, If something goes well in our lives or we achieve something really great, these friends somehow hide under the rocks. They don’t really want to be happy for us or positively supportive.. So I have to renew my friends list..

Yomi Spontaneous

Thanks for this advice 😂😂


I personally keep away from gossips


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