7 Things That Ruin Relationships

7 Things That Ruin Relationships

7 Things That Ruin Relationships.

Everyone wants to have a great relationship. No one is ever like: “I really would love to have a terrible, horrible relationship that would make me question my existence.” I’ve never heard anyone say that and if such people exists, they definitely have a mental problem.

With that being said, here are 7 things that ruin relationships:


7 Things That Ruin Relationships: Lies

This is the number one culprit. This alone has the power to destroy a relationship no matter how great it has been.

We all lie for different reasons sometimes — knowingly or unknowingly — even though we know it’s not right. Those who have not silenced their consciences feel bad and try as much as possible not to make it a habit.

But the way some people lie, one would think that they have bagged a PhD in lying. It’s like they have been tutored by the devil himself.

They lie effortlessly and skillfully. Lies create distrust. If your partner has to question everything you say, your relationship is gradually heading for destruction.


7 Things That Ruin Relationships: Comparison

Every individual is created the way they are; no two people are exactly the same — not even twins who are born the same day. On no account should you compare your partner to another person.

This makes them feel less of themselves. If there’s something that they are not doing right, reach out to them with love and care. Help them correct their wrongs — that’s why you’re there. If they don’t change and the issues are things you can’t cope with — leave.

Lack of Communication

7 things that ruin relationships

Communication is key in every relationship. Partners ought to be comfortable enough to express how they feel to each other. It helps the relationship to grow. There’s no point wearing a frown all day while your partner tries frantically to figure out what’s wrong with you. Just say it!

It saves time and gets the issue resolved as soon as possible. Your partner is not psychic. And even if they were, I’m pretty sure they’d rather use their powers for more important things like finding the dog or knowing when the next cheque is coming in.

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Lack of connection and companionship

7 Things That Ruin Relationships: Lack of Companionship

Sometimes, people go into relationships without concrete reasons. When the reason they decided to go into the relationship fades, they lose touch. They emotionally withdraw. This can and will definitely ruin a relationship.

This is why it is necessary to be friends with your partner. Get to connect with them as much and as often as you can. If your partners feel as though they are single while they are in a relationship with you — it won’t be long before the relationship crumbles.

Insecurity/ Unnecessary suspicion

7 Things That Ruin Relationships: Insecurity

Insecurity can cause a great havoc in any relationship. You need to be able to trust your partner especially when they are open to you. You can’t go around sniffing for information that does not exist. Stop putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. Get busy because when you have things to do, being an FBI agent investigating a scene with no crime is last thing you’ll find yourself doing.

Manipulation/ Selfishness

7 Things That Ruin Relationships: Manipulation

Relationships are all about giving and receiving. You need to consider your partner when making decisions. You can’t afford to be selfish neither should you take advantage of your partner. No one wants to be used.

Some partners are very manipulative. They have a way of getting what they want without considering how their wants affect their significant other. Things cannot always go in favour of one person. If so, the relationship will eventually fade away.

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Bad Company

One needs to be particular about the kind of company one associates with. It is said that bad company corrupts good manners. The kind of friends you keep will eventually rob off on you. The last thing anybody wants is for their significant other to start exhibiting a terrible unruly character. So if you want to become a better person even in your relationship, associate with people who will influence you positively otherwise you may likely kiss your relationship goodbye.

Did I miss any? Share your thoughts.

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Great post I think they key is communication as that leads to all the others, make time for each other every week even if it s just a couple of hours x


Lying is a simple word but very deceptive.. Sometimes it just comes but we just have to correct it as soon as possible.


These are reasonable enough to make a relationship fail.  I always pray that God will help us not to  experience any of these, please. 

Alexandra Cook

This is such an important topic to be discussed. Me and my partner has been together for 4 years and I am so hapy that we didn’t have any serious argument at all. Our key is a good communication and time for our family.


These are all true! You’ve pointed out major issues that could ruin any relationship. Working on these can do a lot in harnessing relationships!!


Such truth here! We must always lead with honesty and openness. 

Yomi Spontaneous

Comparison is just way too bad! Unfortunately, many young millennial couples suffer from this and it’s about time they stopped if they want lasting relationships.


If you can’t communicate, you can’t get anywhere. It definitely takes work esspecially when your polar opposites. This list is very accurate

Elena Toma

I agree with you here, all of these are factors that won’t help a relationship to develop !

David Elliott

Those are definitely seven reasons when it comes to relationships which will destroy them in the end if they continue on for even a little bit of time.  Communication, truth, connection, etc. are all essentials in a relationship.

blair villanueva

Lies is the main and major reason to starts ruin any kind of relationships. Any colors of lies all boils down to damaging relationships.

Ewuzie Kingsley

Totally agree with you.. You are so on point.. All those ruins relationship but i think lie kills it. 

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