7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More.

Notice: I originally posted this article on the since deleted site GiftedGreen (a Nigerian Lifestyle blog) in 2015. This is an updated version.

Contrary to what people think, men aren’t the only ones who ought to be romantic. If the job of being romantic relies on one party, the relationship will become so tiring and boring.

There are things that women can do to spice up their relationships. A lot of people think that all a lady needs to do is to look good, wear the smiles, be nice and polite— which is true to some extent, but those are not enough to make a relationship interesting.

Relationships shouldn’t be about the sex, it should be about companionship. So if you’re a lady and you’re thinking about what you can do to make your man appreciate and love you more, here are some tips.

Surprise him with simple gifts

7 Romantic Ways To Make Him Love You More:
Surprise him with simple gifts

Giving shouldn’t be one sided. Most ladies feel that they are entitled to receiving— this is a wrong mentality.

If your man treats you right, treat him right too. Be spontaneous. Surprise him with simple things like a nice dish, a pair of sandals or shoes, a shirt or cardigan, inner wears— to list a few.

You mustn’t wait for a special occasion to give him gifts; you just do it because he deserves it. Also remember that you need to work with what you can afford. You don’t have to go overboard.

I particularly find it disturbing when people beg or borrow in order to impress their significant other. It is completely unnecessary because in genuine relationships, it’s the little things that count.

Be Sensitive

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Be Sensitive

Men many times don’t open up when things go wrong. As a lady, you have to be sensitive. You ought to know when something is wrong with your man. Let him know you’ve got his back. Be his solace. Give him a listening ear. Make him understand you’re willing to be there for him.

Stand by him through the good and bad times

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Support him

Most ladies tend to love their men when all is well; the moment things go eerie, the love disappears.

A man wants to know that his woman can be by his side no matter what. Therefore, if a lady stands by her man when things are rosy, she should support him even more when things go bad. It is in trying times that love is tested.

Give him attention and space at the same time

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Attention and Space

Whether or not you agree, men love attention but not too much of it. Know where to draw the line.

You’re the woman in his life—no doubt but you need to understand that he needs to spend time with friends and family not just you. Don’t be a monitoring spirit. Don’t choke him with your love, let him breathe. At the same time, don’t care less so you don’t lose him. Learn to create a balance.

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Don’t let arguments last long

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Don’t drag arguments

Arguments are bound to occur at some point in time— that’s a fact. You’ll step on each other’s toes from time to time but don’t let such last long. There shouldn’t be room for malice.

If he’s at fault, point it out to him respectfully. If he admits his wrong and apologizes, forgive him and let the issue die (same applies if you are at fault).

Some women drag issues too long to the point where it gets irritating and out of control. There’s really no need to cause unnecessary tension over issues that can be resolved in a giffy.

Cut him some slack

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Cut him some slack

Sometimes, your man won’t live up to your high expectations. He may make promises and fail (because of certain circumstances beyond his control). Cut him some slack; try to be understanding — this in no way means you should allow him to disrespect you or take advantage of you— it simply means that some days will not go as planned. You don’t have to nag about such especially when you know he tries his best to treat you right.

Make him laugh

7 Romantic Ways To Make Your Man Love You More: Make him laugh

Carolyn Birmingham once said: A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around.

Laughter is good medicine. Be the reason why your man would look forward to coming home everyday. Make him laugh. Crack jokes.

You can tell him stories about how your day went and how you squashed life out of the mosquito that came to sing a classical in your ear. Tell him about the guinea pig that reminds you of him.

However your creativity works, do or say some things that will make him laugh as much as you can.

In conclusion, for a relationship to strive, both parties must put in effort. You should consider these tips only if your man deserves it. Don’t waste your time on someone who won’t put in effort as you would.

What do you think? Drop your comments.

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My partner always remind me that we should not go to bed while angry at each other and that really helps our relationship a lot. I agree with everything from this. Great read!


I think that is a good principle—to not go to bed angry— it prevents malice and as you’ve said, it helps relationship a lot. I’m happy you have a great relationship. Thanks for reading Krisy.

Karletta Marie

I don’t know if you can ‘make’ anyone love you more 🙂  But I do agree with the sentiment – it takes time, energy and thoughtfulness to enjoy a long-term intimate relationship.  

Reply to  Karletta Marie

You are right Karletta. It does take time, effort and thoughtfulness on both sides to make a relationship work. Thanks for reading.

Yomi Spontaneous

This is a good post some times it is easy to get caught up in the details of life and miss the bigger picture. I love to surprise my guy with little things that he loves. 


Thank you Jen. I absolutely agree we easily get caught up in the details of life. I’m excited to know you surprise your man with simple gifts. I bet he really appreciates you. *wink*


I love this list it’s so cute and everything is really doable! Small simple gift will let him know that your always thinking about him! Its also very important to stick with someone through the good the bad and the ugly to show that you really care

Reply to  Janay

Thank you for reading Janay. You are absolutely right.

Tracy C

I don’t know if any of these could actually make him “love” me more. Maybe appreciate me more, although my husband is awesome as it is. It is important to show your partner that you care and each of these does do that. 

Reply to  Tracy C

Thank you Tracy C. I’m glad you have an awesome partner and I believe you’re just as awesome.

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