7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid

7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid

7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid.

It’s another weekend and I decided to do a little throw back to some of the embarrassing things we did as kids.

Childhood is the first stage of growing up. It is the period when a human is innocent and naïve. Whether or not we agree, it is the most hilarious section of our lives because we did so many things that we would find embarrassing if we did them as adults.

From the time we began to talk, to the time we began to walk and run we’ve done a couple of crazy things. No matter our differences, there are some things that we all had in common—okay maybe not all of them listed here will relate to each of us—but at least one should do just that. So ladies and gentlemen, please tighten your seat belt; we are about to go on a journey down the memory lane. Get ready for a session of laughter. Here are 7 Embarrassing Things You Did As A Kid:

You walked butt naked and you were not ashamed

Oh yes! You were so proud of your nakedness. You ran around with your two dotted breasts and privates exposed for all to see. You weren’t bothered. It didn’t make you feel ashamed. You were pure and innocent and it was a fulfilling moment you’ll never have again.

You laughed over boring things

The kinds of things that excited you or made you laugh eh! You laughed and were excited over excessively boring jokes and stories that you narrated. When you were done, you laughed alone. Whoever you were telling merely gave a sly smile like they cared about your story when they weren’t even listening.

You were excited about new things that your parents got you made it a point of duty to tell everyone

When your parents bought you anything, you were always excited. If they were clothes, shoes or bags (no matter how little) you made it a point of duty to go to your neighbors houses to tell and show everyone. You announced to every visitor (big and small) that came to your house that your parents just got you new stuffs. Then you smilingly waited for their comment, ‘Ah! It’s fine.” You felt a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment afterwards .

As if that wasn’t enough, you tried them on. You’d have used them to play if Mummy did not shout at you. When she did, you’d mellow but would not remove them. You even attempted to wear them to sleep even if they were shoes. Haha! The good old days.

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You accepted bribes and sold your rights for what to eat

Back then, when you wanted to do something (maybe like going outside to play or remain inside to watch TV) and your parents or elder ones did not want you to do so, they’d simply tell you, ‘ Do not do this or that. If you do, I will not buy biscuit and sweet.’

Then to further emotionally blackmail you, they’d ask you, ‘Will you be happy if I do not buy anything for you?’ You’d answer soberly, ‘No.’ Then they would give you give you a pat on the head as a sign of approval and call you a good boy or good girl and you would be very happy. This was a common method that was used to put you in check. You’d never refuse a bribe; they knew that and they played their cards well.

Ouch! You were so cheap! 😀

You cried in an annoying way over seemingly useless things

Your weapon as a child was crying and yes! it was a pretty powerful tool because it was most times was piercing to the ears and pricking to the soul. Your cry was always in soprano.

What did you cry over? You cried because you wanted the drink that was in the bottle because you felt it was more than the one in the cup.

When your parents refused to take you out with them, you wept. The annoying aspect of your cry was the fact that it always started with a squeeze on your face, a bend on your lips, a sharp sound that sounded like a car engine—from a low tune to a high one and you opened all your mouth to perform this ritual. That was really annoying and embarrassing. If only you could see your face! UGLY!

You were easily manipulated and believed everything you were told

Do you remember how your parents, siblings, uncles and aunts told you lies that you bought? The most common one as an African was ojuju (masquerade) will catch you—you bought it.

Then they told you that if you swallow orange seed, the seed would germinate in your body and grow into a tree. You believed it and shivered with fear and trembling whenever you mistakenly swallowed one. How naïve!

You were a little devil

Even though you were easily manipulated, you had your way of manipulating too. For instance, if your siblings got in the way when your parents were away and they did something that made you cry; you’d cry and keep quiet when you got tired. You’d probably even go and play but the moment you realized your parents were back, you’d instantly resume the cry from where you stopped. You desired badly for your siblings to get in trouble.

Another thing you did was to serve as an informant to mum and dad. When your siblings did something wrong and tried to cover it up, you were always present to blow it out to your parents in full details—leaving out the part that you were involved in. You were just an annoying human being. A snitch was what you were.

Now you remember all these 7 embarrassing things you did as a kid, how do you feel? What did I miss? Drop your comments below.

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Mindy Silva

Omg too funny! Great throw back post. 

Chika uzoka

Wow, thanks for reminding me 🤣🤣🤣.

Claudia Blanton

You are so correct, lol – I laughed at the stupidest jokes and television shows, all of which make me cringe now – blessings! 


This is so true. I used to cry so much if my parents went out. And I not only believed what older people told me but what I watched in movies. You nailed this article. But kids these days can’t be fooled.

Agnes Dela Cruz

Oh man, I have tons of embarassing memories when I was a kid! All those memories were fun in some way. 

Tochukwu Precious Eze

This made me refresh my childhood memories. I had many  embarrassing moments when I was a kid. Now I can remember and share with my kid. 

Alexandra Cook

Haha, I laugh after reading this. I am guilty with all of these things especially walking naked and I am not ashame.

Wren Marie

This is great! The walking around buttnaked one had me rolling! 

David Elliott

Haha!  I didn’t think of it as accepting of bribes.   But it was totally true.  We were bribed to do all kinds of things if we wanted something.

Liz Bayardelle

I find these even more true now that I’m a parent myself.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve called my mom and apologized for what a terror I now realize I must have been as a kid.

Ewuzie Kingsley

I don’t know if i should be sad or something.. If all these were normal for kids, that means i didn’t live a normal life at all because all those were never part of my life. Someone who grew up in an African home, precisely in the village not the city might understand but i was busying taking care of my immediate younger brother, going to the farm with my granny, learning how to cook among other things that i forgot how to be a kid.. Well, Although i have a clear picture of how my life as a two and half years old boy was but from 2 and half downwards i don’t have a memory of that so i guess i might have done all those then. 

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

I have to admit I have done these things at some point. The bribe thing was real! OMG, my obedience depended upon the promise of a bottle of chocolate milk! 

Ami Rose
Haha yes I definitly did some of these things when I was younger, and I still laugh at boring things now...
Ami xxx


Haha! I had fun reading your post. Made me think about the funny things that I did as a kid. I remember crying over my doll’s hair because it wouldn’t grow back after I cut it. 

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