6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me.

When I was a child I couldn’t wait to become an adult. I was always in a hurry to grow just so I could do grown up things like make up, date, get a job, make money, get married — the list goes on. Then like a dream, I became an adult and reality hit me.

You know the saying: “the grass always looks greener on the other side?” That saying is true. It’s easier to envy or judge someone (as the case maybe) while you’re far away than when you’re in their shoes. When you walk in their shoes, you get the full picture. You understand exactly what they are going through.

As a child this wouldn’t have made sense but as an adult, I get it. Personally, I don’t think anything can ever prepare one for adulthood apart from experience itself (my opinion). But I’d like to share a few lessons life has taught me.

Things do not always go as planned

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Plans

Life is not a fairy tale. When I was younger, I had plans. I created a picture of what I wanted my life to be— who I wanted to spend my life with. I had planned that I would get a job immediately after school, work for a while and become self employed, get married at 25 and have 2 kids at 28.

Well, I am 28. Never worked. Self employed and single. No relationship, no marriage, no kids. And quite frankly, I’m not even sure I’m ready for marriage yet. But as at the time the plan was drafted, I was so sure that that was what I wanted.

Here’s the thing: plans change, purposes are redefined. Things will not always go the way we plan but there are lessons to learn at every step of the way.

Forgiveness is for your peace of mind not for that of others

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Forgiveness

I’ve been hurt many times by family, friends, loved ones and even enemies (those that considered themselves as such). Many times, I have been tempted to keep malice but I’ve realized that it would be to my own detriment.

I can’t afford to sleep with anger bottled up inside. I don’t want my heart to beat faster than normal when I see the person who has offended me.

Letting go of bitterness and hurt is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.

Godliness with Contentment is great gain

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Contentment

Life has taught me never to compare myself to another person. I mentioned this earlier. You have no idea what anyone is going through behind the scenes — till you walk in their shoes. Many people live a fake life — they act rich when they can barely eat. They force smiles when they are plagued with pain. And social media hasn’t really helped matters.

People get so carried away by pictures and the things that they see. Remember, not all that glitters is gold. The grass always looks greener on the other side till you get there. And when you do, you either discover that it’s been well watered or it’s fake. The latter is most times the case.

I have heard about people who have sold their souls for money because they were not contented with what they had. But I have learned to be contented in lack and in plenty— I am grateful for whatever I have at any point in time.

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There is no short cut to success

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Success

Success has a process — you can’t change that. You need to work hard to earn success. There will be frustrations — times when you feel like giving up; times when you’re completely clueless — in such times, one needs to persevere because that’s the process.

Success is just like a seed you plant. You don’t plant today and expect produce in a few hours. It takes time. First, it needs to germinate, secure its roots and fully mature before it begins to bear fruit.

These days, people don’t want to experience the process— they want a quick fix. A quick fix doesn’t last.

Hardships are meant to make you not break you

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Hardships

We’ve all had our shares of pain and struggles at some points in our lives. There were moments where I felt I would not have the strength to move on but I did. I didn’t throw in the towel because I understand that everything happens for a reason.

I like to think of hardships like sharpeners. You only need to sharpen something when it is blunt. Think of pencil or a knife. The process of sharpening always involves a moment of shedding only so they can serve the purpose they are created for.

For as long as they are blunt, they remain useless. If either of them could speak, they’d express their hurts during that process. No one likes hardship but it’s essential. It keeps you prepared for your purpose — to make you not to break you.

Love and compassion go a long way

6 Lessons Life Has Taught Me: Love and Compassion

In a world full of hatred and all sorts of vices, the best thing you can offer is love and kindness. I have learned that if we must conquer hate, we need to love even when we don’t feel like. We need to show compassion even when people don’t deserve it. Nothing consumes hatred more than love.

Also, life has taught me to lend a helping hand as often as I can; to be the reason why someone’s tears should dry. I must say that that experience is golden— there is nothing as humbling.

What has life taught you? Care to share? Drop your comments below.

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Life has taught me alot too. It seems we share some things in common. I’ve had so much hate for someone Dt I felt at one point probably if  I were given a gun I could use it on the person. I realise channeling so much of my energy towards anger was really not worth it. Whoever hurts u will certainly get his or her own fix someday. So I decided to just let it go cause it’s really not worth it.

Reply to  Shama

Lol. Shama, I know that feeling. It takes determination to really forgive. Initially, it won’t be easy but as one makes a conscious deliberate effort to do so, it’ll become a habit.


What a very interesting post you have made so many great points i loved this

Jessica Martin

These are really good lessons to learn. My husband and I know firsthand that life doesn’t always go as planned. We know that someone has a better plan than we could ever imagine. We have faith in that. In our hardships, we never tried to be fake. If we were hurting or in pain we showed it. You are right that things aren’t always as they appear. People need to be more authentic, even when things are tough. Yes, love and compassion does go a long, I agree. I do my best everyday to show love to those around me. Our world needs more love and positivity. 

Reply to  Jessica Martin

That’s the best way to go. 


I always have to remind myself of that first one! It can be hard to remember

Reply to  Sydney



I always have a hard time when things do not go as planned. I even started to plan the ‘unplanned possibilities’. Forgiveness is very important

Reply to  Lyosha

Lol. Truth is no matter how hard or well we plan, there will definitely be some bumps along the way. So when we fall, we have to pick ourselves up and learn the lesson from our failure knowing it will help in our success eventually.

Lauren Jones

These points were amazing. I also have trouble when things don’t go as planned, but I’m learning to allow God to order it all in His timing. 

Reply to  Lauren Jones

That’s the best way to go.

Yomi Spontaneous

My biggest one that I keep seeing everywhere lately, is “Comparison is the thief of Joy”, but I find interesting that others can not be happy for there friends and celebrate when things go well for them. Which to me says a lot about our society in general, are they really our friends?


Most aren’t true friends but it’s all part of life. Whether or not they are happy for you, you have to learn to be happy for yourself.


these are some good lessons to learn ! is hard to not compare yourself  nowadays when social media rules , but  life is not edited or filtered

Reply to  denni

Very true. Life isn’t edited nor is it filtered.

Eileen M. Loya

All so very true. When I was younger, I thought hardships were a “payback” for the wrong things I did in the past. But as I grew older (and wiser), I was actually thankful for those “bumps in the road” because it made me stronger and more resilient to handle obstacles. 

Reply to  Eileen M. Loya

Exactly Eileen. These are things we didn’t know when we were younger.


Very true and no matter how old you are you are always learning, some lessons are harder than others x

Reply to  StressedMum

So true, stressedmum.

Geraline Batarra

You explained it so well. I sometimes envy some old friends because of what they post in their social media. But thinking that it might be fake brings me back to my normal state. Hahaha 


Yeah Geraline. Most live a fake life. Stressing isn’t worth it. You’d be surprised to know that you’re better off than them.

Razena Schroeder

I think I was a bit like you at 16, plans for my life even up to the number of babies I would have. My life turned out nothing like that and the lessons learnt are very similar. I am grateful and thankful for how it turned out though. A friend told me something I always remember. For gold to be purified it must be exposed to very high temperatures. And for us, our trials and tribulations have the same purpose of purifying our purpose and our souls. 


I completely agree with you Razena.

Liz Bayardelle

These are all great lessons!  I especially agree with the ‘no shortcuts’ point.  I’m trying to instill this very important lesson in my kids!

Reply to  Liz Bayardelle

That’s a very wise choice. It’s good to teach them early.

christopher mitchell 🌎✈️

I feel like these are all quality and salient points to make, thanks for that! It’s nice to see an open and honest blogpost.


Thanks so much Chris.


these are all great lessons learned! I agree with all 6 of them! I feel I’ve learned similar in my 37 years of life ; )

Reply to  Eloise

Glad you could relate, Eloise. Thanks for stopping by.


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So true, childhood is filled with innocent dreams and hopes till one grows up and reality slaps you on the face. This is another great masterpiece from a humble talented lady. You are a genuis.

Reply to  Simi

Thanks for your kind words, Simi.


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