5 Weird Ways People Have Died

5 Weird Ways People Have Died

Weird ways people have died

Everyday people are born; everyday people die. Death is a part of life but as we all know, it is inevitable. People plan ahead for so many things but many times for so many people, death is not anywhere on their list because somehow for some reason, nobody wants to die just yet.

Now, we know that people die as a result of old age, child birth, drugs, rape, accidents, sicknesses and diseases, in their sleep, as a result of poisoning, some people commit suicide, some people die in war… all these things are familiar to us but how about people dying in ways that are bizarre?

We are pretty sure that if everyone could plan for how they would die, we would not want to die in any of the following ways:

Laughing to death

As unbelievable and weird as this may sound, people have died as a result of laughter.

Laughter is good and there may be a couple of times when we might have laughed so hard that we felt our intestines vibrate or we laughed so hard that we almost peed on our bodies.

However, not everyone who has laughed so hard has been able to recover. For people like Ole Bentzen and a couple of others, laughing sent them to their graves.

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Death as a result of toilet phobia

Well, yes! People die as a result of being afraid to use the toilet (which is weird, considering it’s a natural thing to do). Such people hold their bowels for a long while before eventually passing out stool.

They can hold their stool for days, week or even months before they use the toilet. This could be so for a couple of reasons ranging from fear of getting toilet infections to fear that people may hear or see them using the toilet.

In as much as some people do this (hold back their stool for a few days), they are still able to live but such is not the case with the 16 year old Emily Titterington who held hers for two months straight that her bowel became so large and it compressed her chest cavity and displaced her organs. This is just one story—there could be many untold ones.

Death as a result of masturbation

It’s been an issue over time about whether or not it is right to masturbate. Many people and sites have supported it and a significant number of people have blatantly stood against it.

Those who support it say it is healthy; those against it ( quite a number of them) have participated in it argue that there are negative effects which accompany masturbation such as emotional coldness, dizziness, guilt and so on.

However, these effects don’t seem to stop some people from preaching and practicing it.

Now to the matter—people have died while masturbating. Nicola Paginton, a British young lady aged 30, died in October 2009 while watching porn and masturbating. It is said she had a sudden cardiac arrest as a result of physical and emotional arousal.

Jerome Carpenter from Portland also was allegedly a victim of masturbation. It was reported that he died on his bed and his penis was detached from his body.

Apparently, he masturbated real hard so his penis cut off. His penis was firmly clutched in his left hand that it was impossible to get it out. It is said that he masturbated 56 times straight up. He died on Valentine’s Day in 2014.

Apart from Nicola and Jerome, here’s a list of 13 people who have died from masturbation.

Death by dancing

This is called the dancing plague or dancing epidemic. It took place in 1518 in Strasbourg, Alsace which was at that time, part of the Roman Empire.

It is said that it was started by one Mrs Troffea who began to dance fervently on the street. Her dancing lasted between four to six days but within a week 34 others joined and in one month, there were 400 dancers—which were mostly females.

Some of them died from exhaustion, heart attack or strokes. No one really knows why they danced, but what’s sure is that some of them danced to their deaths. It is also not clear if it ever happened again.

Okay. That’s awfully weird and very disturbing.

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Death by holding in fart

16 year old Katy Campbell died because she held much fart in her stomach during the high school Winter Wonderland Dance.

She probably didn’t want to release it because she felt it would stink or would be heard so she held it and then it ruptured her stomach and bowels.

For those who like to hold farts, be warned. Excuse yourself and break the wind.

The Takeaway: Death can come at anytime in any form. Each day, be prepared to meet your Maker.

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[…] Previous article: 5 Weird Ways People Have Died […]


[…] Read also: 5 Weird Ways People Have Died […]


[…] Read also: 5 weird ways people have died […]

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