5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World

5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World

5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World.

When one talks of household items, one just thinks of necessary items a house needs. Such include appliances, furniture, clothing and so on. Usually there’s a budget on what to spend on these and though selection is based on preference and income, most people will likely go for high quality products that will last longer if they can afford them.

However, this list you’re about to see is nothing compared to the price range you have in mind. Here are 5 most expensive household items in the world.

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition – $2.25- $2.26 Million

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition – $2.25- $2.26 Million

Yup! You read right. This big screen costs between $2.25 – $2.26 million dollars. It is made with hand-stiched alligator skin and seventy-two round cut diamonds, sunstone, and amethyst all for your watching pleasure.

Like why? I’m sure I know where to get jewelries if I want some and I sure wouldn’t want them on my TV— something nobody or very few people are going to see.

Hope this TV shows the buyers their enemies, where they are located and what they are doing behind their backs.

Gold and Diamond Infused Soap $2,800

Gold and Diamond Infused Soap $2,800

This soap is produced by a Lebanese family-run business according to this source, it is infused with gold and diamond powder and other aromatic plants and essential oils. One bar of this soap costs $2,800.

Hold on. You mean to tell me that this soap contains gold and diamond powder that will wash down the drain when you rinse off… This soap has to do more than washing off dirt. It better be washing sins and infirmities.

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The Passion Diamond Shoes – $17 Million

The Passion Diamond Shoes – $17 Million
The Passion Diamond Shoes – $17 Million
Source: Money Inc

Jada Dubai ( a brand in the United Arab Emirates) created this shoes in partnership with the Passion Jewelers. According to an article on Money Inc that the shoes go for a whooping $17 million dollars.

You’re probably wondering: “Apart from gold and diamond, what extra thing do they offer?” Nothing else.

In my opinion, anyone buying this should never take them off. These shoes don’t deserve to be in the closet. They need to be slept with and bathed with. They need to be able to not only walk on water but surf and climb mountains. Someone who has them should be able to freely walk into space.

Toilet paper $1.5 million

Toilet Paper $1.5 million
Source: alux.com

According to Event Washrooms, the toilet paper was made in Australia by a company called “Toilet Paper Man” and was originally designed as an advertising campaign, however, was up for sale shortly after!

It is said that it took over four years to meticulously piece together each golden flakes in other to make a single roll. It is a 22 carat gold toilet paper which goes for $1.5 million.

Guys, at this point I’m speechless. What does this do that the regular toilet paper doesn’t? This is just throwing $1.5m down the toilet into the soak away. Wait! It just dawned on me —when this toilet paper finishes, it would be replaced. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars would be in the soak away? Damn!

Toothpick $500

the-most-expensive-toothpick1 the most expensive toothpick The most expensive toothpick The most expensive toothpick1
Toothpick $500

Made by Hugh Power, owner of The House of Solid Gold, it is said that the toothpicks are handcrafted with 18k solid gold and is worth $500.

But wait! Since these are made of gold, they are for keeps right? Like they can be washed and kept for reuse right? Do you think the people who buy them would do that? If they do, that’d be a smart move.

So these are the 5 most expensive household items in the world. What do you guys think? If you had the money, would you purchase these items? Do you think the prices are ridiculous or do you think otherwise? Share your thoughts.

5 Most Expensive Household Items in the World
Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay 


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