5 Lessons Guinea Pigs Taught Me

5 Lessons Guinea Pigs Taught Me

5 Lessons Guinea Pigs Taught Me.

When I first heard the words ‘Guinea pig,’ I thought that they were pigs from Guinea. I was told back then that they were mostly used for experiments and for some reason I thought they were black pigs (why I thought so I’ll never know). They are just about the size of bush rats when they mature and are herbivorous in nature. Their colours are mostly white, brown, black or a blend of all three. Guinea pigs are really a sight to behold.

Despite the fact that these creatures may just be animals, they are great teachers. Here are 5 lessons guinea pigs taught me:

Be hopeful:

For some reason these animals don’t seem to care about a thing. They just believe that everyday food will come their way and it does. When you see them, you see animals that obviously have no worries. They just whistle their way around believing grass will come. Lol.

Life comes one day at a time. Be patient and hopeful because hope keeps your dreams alive.

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Love and have fun:

There’s this love among them, they seem to understand their language and share their burdens with themselves. When you watch them play, it’s so hilarious. They create their own fun and are pretty much excited about it. Even while they’re eating, they have a way stealing strands of grass from each others mouths and running away. It’s so cute.

In a world full of gadgets and so many activities that keep us busy, learn to create time for your family and those you love. Play with them. Have fun. Such things make relationships stronger.


When there is a fight or a misunderstanding, it doesn’t usually last long and almost immediately, they bond. If during a fight, food comes, they eat together as if nothing happened and suddenly become the family they once were before the fight. No grudges; no hurts—all of those lie in the past.

Forgiveness is a virtue. Learn to forgive and consider as past any grievances.

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Look out for one another:

Pregnant mothers can be kept together if the farmer/owner deems it fit. Since they are social creatures, it isn’t right to isolate them. When they are together, they relate better.

If any of the pregnant mothers happens to be in labor, others have a way of sympathizing with her. They go to her (not all of them though) and sniff her or rub their heads on her as if to say “Sorry dear, it will soon be over”. They do that occasionally.

A similar thing happens with nursing mothers. Nursing mothers can feed any other baby guinea pig apart from theirs whether the mother of the baby is there or not. To them it’s a collective responsibility to raise their kids. Therefore, every baby is every mother’s child.

Look out for one another, encourage anyone who needs to be encouraged and always be ready to offer a helping hand. Never be selfish—it shouldn’t have to be about you alone all the time.

Stand triumphant in trying times:

A guinea pig may have sores (due to carelessness or lack of experience on the part of the owner) or may lose her babies—sometimes as a result of prolonged birth, but it knows how to endure. All the sorrows in this world cannot keep it from surviving. They may hurt but they overcome and move on.

Life is full of ups and downs. There are times when you’ll have to wear a frown but whenever sorrows come your way, always determine to stand up tall. Determine not to let them steal your joy. Determine to stand triumphant; determine to say no to defeat.

Hope you’ve been inspired. Do you have pets? Have they inspired you in any way? If yes, let us. If no, share your thoughts.

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Pets teach us that life is good. They make us happy and occupy our life.  With them we are good to go. Thanks for your wisdoms.


I love guinea pigs they are such characters.  Pets can teach us so much and a great way for children to learn so many lessons

Lori Bosworth

I agree that guinea pigs tend to be very easy going. They are a fun pet to have as kids!

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Indeed there are lessons learned in watching how our pets deal with their daily lives. I used to have pet guinea pigs when I was about 6 or 7 years old and boy, did they multiply fast! It seemed like my daily after school activity was feeding them and cleaning their cage. However, they do are adorable animals. 


This post was so cute! I love how you shared your love for Guinea pigs while also enlightening us to how they can teach us. Animals are the best! 

Wren Marie

They are so incredibly cute, I love them! These are great life lessons to learn from an animal! <3 

Liz Bayardelle

This is such a unique premise for a post!  I’ve never had Guinea Pigs, but I do have bunnies and they teach similar lessons.


Guinea pigs are so sweet.  What a great comparison.

Tochukwu Precious Eze

I didn’t knew either Guinea pigs were small as bush rats.  Love the way you have observe all the qualities and narrated down in a way that we human can learn something from them. 


This is such a sweet post! Really reminds me as to why having a pet is so good for you. Now I want one!


This post makes me feel like getting some guinea pigs as pets. But if we act like they do, I doubt anyone would have high blood pressure. This is the best way to live though it’s hard to imbibe it.

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