People Like Them: Spoken Word

People Like Them: Spoken Word Crushed. Immensely crushed.Baggages of garbage hang on their minds,Present. But out of reach. Out of touch.The voices in their heads play like violins,you hear them ring: screaming pasts so constantly, violently. Silence deliberately refuses to speak.Nothing stills this sound. Nothing numbs this pain. Lost. Furious,

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Iniquity: Rap Infused Poetry

Iniquity: Rap Infused Poetry Listen/ Download here: Watch lyric video here: Look around you, tell me what you seeDarkness and blindness have taken over completely. Some people insist on being bearers of the truthSpreading lies— falsehoodFalse facts, false proofBlind leading the blind— confused You say the truth, they hate youShut

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Keep Moving (Spoken Word Poetry)

Keep Moving (Spoken Word Poetry) Listen/Download here: Watch video here: do you ever get so bored with yourselfand feel like you only exist tofill a space in time while your lifejust ebbs away with thoughts and ideas ofwho you think you are and who they think you are versuswhat you

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