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Why I Think Formal Education Is Overrated

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171 total views, 2 views today Why I think Formal Education is Overrated. I’ve been meaning to write on this for a while and I think it’s finally time to do so. I’ve had this argument with very few friends of mine. Some see the sense in it, some not really and others flat out don’t. This […]

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Dear Mothers-In-Law

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128 total views, 1 views today Dear Mothers-in–law, We the daughters-in-law (present and future ones) would like to clear the air on a few things. We’d truly appreciate it if you would just listen to us and then cooperate with us. We are aware of the fact that for some reason, some of you may dislike us. […]

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10 Weird Phobias That Exist

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205 total views, 1 views today 10 Weird Phobias That Exist. A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction. People who have phobia, tend to panic when they are faced with the source of their fear. They’d do anything to avoid that which they fear. There are so many types of phobias — many of which are […]

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Survival: Spoken Word

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192 total views, 2 views today Survival: Spoken Word. They say wounds take time to heal;they say time heals everything. Well,I am wounded — guess time will healme. But how long will it take?Now that it is in a broken state —my heart, I mean. How soon will itget out of the ICU? They tell me I […]

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5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World

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163 total views, 1 views today 5 Most Expensive Household Items In the World. When one talks of household items, one just thinks of necessary items a house needs. Such include appliances, furniture, clothing and so on. Usually there’s a budget on what to spend on these and though selection is based on preference and income, most […]

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Feed the People with Lies: Spoken Word

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276 total views, 4 views today Feed the People with lies: Spoken Word Feed the people! Feed the people with liesand watch them clamour for more. Grant to them what they are hungry for—promise them freedom while binding their feet in chains,still they’ll chant your name. Give them sunshine with snow frosts,and with gratitude, they’ll prostrate. Trade […]

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Modern Christianity: A Deadly Epidemic

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204 total views, no views today Modern Christianity: A Deadly Epidemic. Phew! That’s quite a title. I won’t be surprised if it comes off as controversial. This is going to be lengthy though but I’ll try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Anyway. I’ve been meaning to write on this for a while but kept […]

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