11 Creative Unusual Beds

11 Creative Unusual Beds

11 Creative Unusual Beds.

The HamBurger Bed

11 Creative Unusual beds: The Hamburger bed

Are you obsessed with hamburgers? Guess what?! Not only can you eat one, but you can also sleep in one! How awesome is that? You’re probably wondering how this came to be– read about the origin here. I just wonder what sleeping in one feels like. It looks like sleeping in between two mattresses– is that even comfortable?

Vertical bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Vertical Bed

Here, we have the vertical Bed designed by Ernesto Neto. As seen in the image above,originally designed as an art piece before it was converted into a bed,it allows one to sleep comfortably while standing . Now if that has been your dream, you need to wake up– your dream is now a reality.

Water bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Water Bed

Did you know that this bed was designed in 1968 by an ID (Industrial Designer) student at San Francisco State University? Yup! His name was Charles Hall and it turns out that this product was his Masters’s project. He created it with the mind of improving human comfort. Amazing right?

First of all, I wasn’t aware of the water bed until recently and I never knew it had existed for so long! Sadly, like almost everything else, it is no longer in vogue– still available but hasn’t made any reasonable sales. Luckily, Charles has made a great deal of fortune from it so it’s a win-win.

Book Bed

Image result for book bed
11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Book Bed

The Book bed was designed by Yusuke Suzuki who was a Japenese photographer. The idea behind this was to create ample space (especially in crowded homes). During the day it is closed up or folded and when opened at night, it becomes a giant book bed. A really creative and amazing concept!

The Yin-Yang Bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Yin Yang Bed

For those who aren’t conversant with the Yin Yang concept, it is the principle that states that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young.

The bed seems to have been designed for a male and a female or for a young and old. But I don’t think an old person would find this comfortable– heck! I don’t think anyone will find this comfortable especially the one who would stay at the top. However, the guy in the picture does seem quite comfortable but I’m guessing not for long.

The Ying Yang bed was designed by an Italian designer known as Alesso Pappa.

Giant Brush Bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Giant Brush Bed

Okay! What do we have here? A brush bed designed by Ron Arad. It is quite obvious that the inspiration came from a toothbrush. I want to believe it is just an art piece because let’s face it, looks like a lot of stuggle laying in it.

Safety Bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Safety Bed

I’m not sure who designed this and why but it sure does feel super uncomfortable. Why would anyone deliberately want to sleep like this throughout?

Glass Bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Glass Bed

This looks really classy– a lot different from the norm since glass has been used for windows and tables but not commonly for beds. I think the only problem people may have initially may be trust issues especially those who are plus-sized. Like what if it breaks? That’s your whole body crashing to the floor but hopefully, it won’t be tragic because of the mattress. I’m guessing people will get used to it after they try it.

Fetal Position Bed

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Fetal Position Bed

This is for those who probably imagine what their days in the womb were like and for those who sleep without changing positions. Look no further! Here is the bed for you– a single position not just for a night or 9 months but for the rest of your life!

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??? Slide Bed? Maybe

The whatever-this-is-called Bed

Honestly, I have no idea what this bed is called. I sincerely do not get the concept either. I just had to add it to the list because y’all just had to see it. I’m guessing this was created for people who love slides and probably often do them in their sleep. Again, it doesn’t make sense since the foam isn’t slippery. Who has any idea? Help us out here!

Tranquility Pod

11 Creative Unusual Beds: The Tranquillity Pod

Now, this is called a tranquility pod. It uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body, mind, and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation. If you ever wanted to know what life as an egg would feel like, you should probably get this. 😀 Anyway, it is on sale for a whopping $30,000 here.

There you go, 11 Creative Unusual Beds. What do you guys think? Would you purchase any of these? Let me know in the comment section below.


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Di MadWriter
2 years ago

OMG I love all the crazy ideas, but the fetal position bed, that’s so challenging. HAHAHAHA! I think my favorite is the waterbed. 

Reply to  Di MadWriter
2 years ago

Really challenging! 😀

Kristine Nicole Alessandra
2 years ago

These beds are all so quirky looking. Although I find the hamburger bed so cute. If I had to choose one to buy, it would be the tranquility pod. 

Reply to  Kristine Nicole Alessandra
2 years ago

Same. It does look cozy.

2 years ago

Wow these are different, I have been looking at a new bed recently and not seen anything like these.  How do you sleep on some of them

Reply to  StressedMum
2 years ago

Lol. I asked myself the same question.

Mikel Reid
2 years ago

The burger bed and the book bed are so adorable! Everything else is quite strange but amusing to look at.

Reply to  Mikel Reid
2 years ago


Di Hickman
2 years ago

A few of these look a little uncomfortable but I’d for sure give them a go. The yin-yang bed would look great in my yoga studio!

Reply to  Di Hickman
2 years ago

Nice choice.

2 years ago

Just wow! Some of these beds are so out of this world! The safety bed has to be an artistic form vs. for actual usage.

Reply to  Simi
2 years ago


Liz Bayardelle
2 years ago

The tranquility pod looks absolutely amazing. My kids would have a blast on the yin yang bed. But the safety bed looks like a torture device…

Reply to  Liz Bayardelle
2 years ago

Couldn’t agree more.

2 years ago

I want to try them all! They look so comfy. Especially the vertical bed.

Reply to  Kim
2 years ago

Haha! I like your adventurous spirit.

2 years ago

I’ll take a tranquility pod for the win! What a fun post!

Reply to  Ellen
2 years ago

Thanks, Ellen. Same,

Susu Yati
2 years ago

I only knew about water bed, but have never tried it. Would love to rry the glass bed, it looks quite interesting.

Reply to  Susu Yati
2 years ago

Great choice.

2 years ago

this is so funny!! my favorite is the tranquility pod!

Reply to  Viano Dee
2 years ago

Wow! Interesting! I only got to know about these beds while researching on the topic.

2 years ago

Soooo cute! The fetal, safety and sliding bed are crazy! Hahahha but I love the yinyang and water bed looks really relaxing. But my question is does that really exist? Hahaha so crazy working on innovations

Reply to  TeamRyce
2 years ago

Yep! They do exist. Most of them are up for sale.

Yomi Spontaneous
2 years ago

Ha-ha! First off, this is so hilarious! The slide bed and petal bed look so funny! I would personally love the book bed since I’m such a book reader and the glass bed which looks so classy!

Reply to  Yomi Spontaneous
2 years ago

Good choice.

2 years ago

Tranquility and Ying Yang bed are the most intriguing to me – creative is right!

Reply to  judean
2 years ago

Good choices. Personally though, the tranquillity pod beats them all.

Khushboo W
2 years ago

Wow I love the different types and design of the bed. Wish I could get one

2 years ago

these are so interesting bed ideas! However, I still prefer good old traditional one and try to invest in a good mattress for the heath of the back

Krizzia Scollon
2 years ago

Wow these beds are one of a kind! I am so tempted to sleep!

Subhashish Roy
2 years ago

Such creative beds which I never knew existed. I would love to try out the vertical bed for once. Giant brush bed should be fun.

2 years ago

These are very different but I have to admin that they don’t look very comfortable to me. I think I will stick to our traditional type comfy king size bed!

2 years ago

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