10 Weird Phobias That Exist

10 Weird Phobias That Exist

10 Weird Phobias That Exist.

A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction. People who have phobia, tend to panic when they are faced with the source of their fear. They’d do anything to avoid that which they fear.

There are so many types of phobias — many of which are common such as fear of heights, fear of dirt, fear of public speaking and so on. But this time around, we will take a look at 10 weird phobias that exist.


Ablutophobia: Fear of bathing

This is the excessive fear of bathing, cleaning, or washing. This disorder falls under the category of specific phobias which can be defined as irrational fears centered around a particular situation.

This is a very unrealistic fear yet there are people who suffer from it. Research shows that sufferers are mostly women and children than men.

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Somniphobia: Fear of sleep

This is the abnormal fear of sleep. Nightmares could be responsible for this and sometimes, people develop this phobia without a clear cause.


Ambulophobia: Fear of walking

This is the irrational fear of walking. People with ambulophobia are afraid to walk at all. Do they think they’ll fall or are they afraid that the ground will sink? As weird as this may seem, it actually does exist.


This is the fear of faeces. Yup! You read right. It is the fear of faeces of any kind. Don’t get it. Do faeces bite? Do these people even use the toilet since it comes out from them? How do they react when they excrete? Just wondering.

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Cibophobia: Fear of food

This is the fear of food. People who suffer from it are literally afraid of food and drinks. Cibophobia is different from anorexia. Anorexia is the fear of the effect of food on body image while cibophobia is fear of actual food. But really though, why should anyone be afraid of food?


This phobia has to do with swallowing. Sufferers are usually afraid to swallow and avoid swallowing food for fear of choking to death.


Amathophobia is the excessive and irrational fear of dust. This disorder makes people afraid of dust even when they are aware that the dust poses no threat.


Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful women

This may sound very unreal and I can understand why but it is a real condition. Caligynephobia is the abnormal, excessive and irrational fear of beautiful women. Like what?! Yup! Some men are terribly afraid of beautiful women. This condition is also known as Venustraphobia.


Cherophobia: Fear of happiness

This is the abnormal and irrational fear of being happy or rejoicing. As crazy as it sounds, it is an issue. Sometimes, perception is responsible for this in the sense that happiness in the lives of such people may have been short lived.

Therefore, for fear of being disappointed, they choose not to show any form of excitement or happiness. This is not because they are sad people, they just want to avoid what they perceive may end up in suffering or disappointment.


Apparently is the fear of long words. How does one even pronounce this? It is longer than all the letters of the alphabet. It seems like a group of people just threw in letters to coin this word. I can understand why people are afraid of long words. I get it. 😀

You may want to check this out: https://addictionrehabtreatment.com/mental-health/phobias/chronic-phobias/

Link above added on December 11th 2021.

Okay! So there you have it. These are 10 weird phobias that exist but you probably didn’t know about. Did you know about these before now? Are there more that should have been listed? Share your thoughts.

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This is very educative. I didn’t know about these phobias before. Thanks for the knowledge.

Katy Malkin

I’m definitely happy I don’t have a fear of sleep or food.


Kindly just record the pronounciation of the word that means the fear of long words. But that being said, all I can say is wow, there are lots of strange phobias but who on Earth has the fear of beautiful women or swallowing food? It would be interesting to see how that works.


I had much of Ablutophobia when i was a kid..i am grown now…nice tips keep up.


Interesting! Although I knew there were a lot of phobias, I had no knowledge of the ones you mention in your post. Learn something new everyday, thanks for sharing1


I never knew that any of these phobias existed. It really makes me think how differently these people with the phobias live their lives. Very unique post!


Wow these are phobias that I never knew existed, the first one I think most kids suffer from haha, I love posts like this x

Tochukwu Precious Eze

I’ve heard of some of these before… but the one that actually surprised me the most is the fear of bathing! All of the other ones (besides the long word phobia) have some rational deterrent, but bathing is harmless. Thanks for the interesting post!

Komal Patel

Omg if I had a fear of food I would die! Food is my life. Some of these are so odd and I feel bad for people who have to live with this! 

Jaana McEntee

Very interesting read! I would be really scared of somniphobia, I need my sleeps 🙂

Reply to  Jaana McEntee

Haha! Can imagine. We all do.

Karletta Marie

Fascinating fears there!   The biggest surprise on the list:  “Fear of food”  What! 

Reply to  Karletta Marie

My thought exactly.


Some of these are so bizarre. I couldn’t imagine living with those fears. My husband has a fear of cotton balls. I need to look that one up! 

Reply to  Monica

Wow! Really. Cotton balls? May have to look it up too.

Wren Marie

Wow I had never heard of these phobias before! I think the one of being afraid of swallowing would be incredibly difficult… I sure do love food! 

Reply to  Wren Marie

Haha! Me too.


Some days ago yes it was shown in our local news that there is a fear in bathing.. Man, can’t even imagine how that feels

Reply to  Michael

Honestly, Mike.

Subhashish Roy

I had never heard of most of these phobias. How lucky that I am not suffering from any of these. Very informative post and loved reading.

Reply to  Subhashish Roy

Thanks Roy. We should be grateful we don’t suffer from any of these, honestly.

Tochukwu Precious Eze

When I am writing most of time on happiness, Cherophobia is something intriguing for me as I never heard about it. These are some rare fobias to cure, happy that %of people who are suffering from these are low.




I didn’t know there’s a fear of food, so now I am wondering how are those with fear of food move on with everyone. This is nice to know. Thanks for sharing.

Reply to  TeamRyce

Honestly. Can’t imagine not eating.

Jade Braham

Wow! I didn’t know there was a fear of beautiful women or a fear dust or swallowing! I do know some people who are afraid of sleeping or eating. I know it can be hard for these people and raising awareness about these conditions is a great thing! Thank you so much for sharing this. 

Reply to  Jade Braham

Thanks so much Jade.


Hardly heard of any of these but it is strange how strange things could affect our mind and body. Fear of beautiful women is something quite weird. It must be difficult for someone to handle it.

Reply to  pooja

Right?! Same thought.

Gervin Khan

Interesting! I really don’t know some of these and I can’t believe that some people are really having these kind of phobias. 

Reply to  Gervin Khan

Yeah.. People really do.


Ok… Well, I knew about 2 of them. You’ve given me a surprise with most of the phobias! Never thought they could exist!!

Reply to  Shar

Can imagine.

Lauren Jones

Wow!! I didn’t know so many phobias exist this is crazy!!!! but interesting!!   

Reply to  Lauren Jones



Okay, I am WAY too amused by the word they assigned to a fear of long words… Of course it had to be a long and hard to pronounce word itself lol 

Reply to  Britt

Haha! My though exactly.


Some of these phobias sound so made up, it’s incredible they actually exist!

And I definitely wouldn’t know how to pronounce the phobia of long words, it must be impossible! 

Reply to  Samantha


Tara Angelique

I actually know a little boy who has a fear of bathing. His mom has to put massive effort in getting him cleaned not in a tub.

Reply to  Tara Angelique

Can imagine the struggle.


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Fashion and Style Police

I didn’t know many of these phobias. Interesting information here. It must be hard living with them. 


Very hard.

Yomi Spontaneous

You said it; These phobias are indeed wierd! Fear of washing and beautiful women…that’s even more wierd and I don’t know if I should say that I’ve seen people like that. Because I think I have.




This is amazing! I never heard of such Phobias! Weird indeed. Especially the one “fear of beautiful women” never thought something like that even existed. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much Bella.

Rose A

There are so many different fears and phobias. I have seen some in my line of work.

Reply to  Rose A

Can’t imagine what that must feel like.

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