10 Unbelievable Delicacies

10 Unbelievable Delicacies


Every country has its delicacies, so does every individual. For instance, Nigeria is well known for delicacies such as pounded yam, amala, eba… just to list a few yet when it comes to individuals it varies.

It is often said: “one man’s food is another man’s poison”— this saying is indeed true.

Today, we will be looking at some things you probably never thought would be delicacies. Some of them may shock you, some may disgust you and some may just make you drop your jaw; however you feel as you read, will not change the fact that some people enjoy eating them.

Let’s take a look at some of such delicacies:


Yummy Cockroaches

Cockroaches are delicacies in China. They are very high in protein and are farmed in their millions. Apart from the fact that they are delicacies, they are also used by pharmaceutical companies in China. They are usually ground and stuffed into pills for the treatment of various kind of diseases. Yulky right? Well, just before you yulk, think about the possibility that you might have indirectly consumed a roach through a pill.


Yummy Scorpions

Scorpions are also delicacies in China and Nigeria ( popular in the western part). It can be prepared either by deep frying or flame grilling. Now one begins to wonder, “Why the hell would anyone eat scorpions?” The answer is: because they are high in vitamins among other things.

Tarantula Spider

Live Tarantula Spider
Fried Tarantula Spiders

This is not the regular house spider that you find in Nigeria—this is a spider called Tarantula.

It is hairy in nature and it can be as big as the size of your palm. It is found and eaten in Cambodia.

According to those who have eaten it before, it is crunchy on the outside, mushy on the inside and it is well seasoned with nice spices and yes, it is also very high in protein.

Maybe one should try eating the house spider, it could be very nice. Just kidding.

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Warps Larva

Wasp Larva

Wasp larva is well known in Japan. The yellow pale wasp or bee larvas are harvested from the nests and are cooked in sugar and soy sauce thus having a sweet taste and crunchy feel. This delicacy is called hachinoko.


Big Ant

The ants that are being eaten are not the small ones but the big ones. They are the honeypot ants, the leaf- cuter ants and the red ants. They are being eaten in Columbia, Australia and Thailand.

In Columbia, the leaf cutter ants are eaten toasted like popcorn. In Australia, the honeypot ants are eaten raw as sweet treats and in Thailand, red ants and their eggs are eaten in salads.

Ant Eggs

Ants and their eggs

This may sound unbelievable but it is true. People eat ant eggs—Mexicans eat ant eggs. These eggs are not just any ant eggs but they are the eggs of Liometopum ants. These ants are black and massive in nature. They are usually harvested from agave plant roots. They are served fried or boiled in butter which of course makes the taste buttery.



Termites are eaten in Nigeria. They are more popular in the Northern part of the country. They are usually fried in their own fat with a little salt and pepper (optional). Some people dewing them; some others consume them with their wings and yes they are very tasty.

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Palm Weevil Larvae

Fresh Palm Weevils
Roasted Palm weevils

Palm weevils are eaten in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Nigeria. In Nigeria, they are more popular in the southern part of the country where they are many palm trees. It can be eaten directly from the tree (fresh), roasted or fried. It is high in protein, potassium and calcium.



You probably are aware that people eat rats but did you ever think that people eat mice? Incase you’re still wondering, people do. In Malawi, it’s a delicacy. It is usually skewered on sticks and sold on the streets.



Vultures! You might say, “Oh no, not that too!” Well, “Oh yes.” It is a delicacy in Africa; often sold in the market as bush meat and yes there are lots and lots of buyers.

As irritating as this maybe, considering the fact that these birds feed on dead things; people consume them knowingly and unknowingly as chicken.

That is to say, you may have been travelling and stopped by to buy some meat you thought was chicken or suya, ate it and loved it but you didn’t know that you had just feasted on vulture as in the case of the guy from the east who was caught in Port Harcourt selling vulture meat as roasted chicken sometime in 2012.

Well, there you have it—the things you did not think could be eaten. You could try them sometime, you know. *wink*

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I’m just wondering how they start eating the scorpions.  Like what part do you start with?  Head or tail? 😐

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