10 Strange Addictions

10 Strange Addictions


An addiction basically, is the irresistible urge to do something in a repetitive manner to the point where doing without it creates a sense of incompleteness.

For instance, someone who consistently consumes alcohol to the point where they feel they can’t do without it, is called an alcoholic. We can say such a person is addicted to alcohol.

This example should come as no surprise because we hear about it time and time again but how about the addictions that are not so common?

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Hair Pulling and Eating

Source: express.co.uk

Addiction to hair pulling is known as trichotillomania. It is the irresistible urge to pull hair from any part of the body.

Trichophagia, on the other hand is closely associated with trichotillomania. Commonly referred to as the Rapunzel Syndrome, it is irresistible urge to eat hair that has been pulled out from any part of the body— usually their own.

It is not so common but it does exsit. Click here to read a first hand story.

Skin Picking

You might be aware that some people are addicted to biting their nails but in this case, such people don’t bite their nails; they bite the skin around the nails or pick their faces or any part of their body repetitively which usually leads to discoloration or skin damage.

Such people say they find the action pleasurable (as it is with all addictions). Skin picking is also known as excoriation.

Sleeping with the Dead

Also known as Necrophilia, is a pathological fascination with dead bodies, which often takes the form of a desire to engage with them in sexual activities.

Simply put, it is a sexual attraction to corpses. One who engages in such is called a Necrophilliac. As terrible and frightening as this sounds, it could be an addiction. The reason why this is so is still a puzzle. Mostly, people who engage in such as pscho/ serial killers. Here are 10 shocking real life cases of Necrophilia.

Blood Drinking

This may sound like fiction but there is no denying that some people are addicted to drinking blood (human or animal blood). Commonly referred to as Renfield’s Syndrome but medically termed as Clinical Vampirism, it is an obsession with blood drinking which are sometimes associated with sexual activities.

There are real life cases where people have voiced out their addictions to blood drinking. One of such is a lady named Michelle who admitted she was hooked on drinking blood. Strange but true.

Addiction to Bee Stings

If you’ve ever been stung by a bee before, there is possibility that you do not ever what it to happen again.

Yet, this is an addiction to very few people. It is said that bee sting has superb healing properties so it is very likely that some who are obsessed health freaks have the tendency of being addicted to bee stings.

Sometime in 2013, a lady named Margaret admitted she was addicted to stinging herself with bees 15 times a day.

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Inhaling Fart

Believe it or not, inhaling fart is an addiction for some people— in fact the stinkier the more pleasurable. It doesn’t matter if it’s theirs or others, it just gives them pure delight to go about sniffing. Some even take it further, they love it when people fart in their mouths.

Though, there is no medical term for this disorder, there are a few people who have opened up about their addiction to inhaling fart. You can click here and here to read about such people.

Urine Consumption (Urophagia)

Urine consumption has been for quite some time. In ancient times it was consumed for health and cosmetic purposes, and also consumed as sexual activity-a case where some people are sexually aroused by urine, which can include the drinking of their own or other people’s urine.

Despite it being an ancient practice, it seemed to have gained grounds in recent times. Carie, a 53 year old lady at the time (2012) was obsessed with drinking her urine.

Sand Eating

Geophagia is the delibrate consumption of soil, earth or clay. For some people, eating sand starts when they perceive clay or the smell of rain. In Nigeria, for instance, there’s a whitish chalky substance called ‘Unzu’ . It is made from the soil and can become very addictive to the point where sand is an alternative when it isn’t available. Many people are addicted to this.

Sniffing Gasoline

Gasoline sniffing can be an addiction. It often starts as an experiment. There are people who would almost or even throw up if they perceive it. But there are people who would do anything to just inhale it just because they like the smell or because they’ve made it a substitute for hard drugs.

Addiction to Suffering

This may sound unreal but there are many people who are addicted to suffering. They love to feel excessive sorrow. They are happy being unhappy — if that makes sense. Find out if you’re addicted to suffering here.

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[…] Read also: 10 Strange Addictions […]

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